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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to the Garden Tour.  I have some new blooms ta show.

The Stella De Oros are in full bloom.  Best I have ever seen all at once.
And there are daylilies blooming.
The first Stoke's Aster is blooming,  There are lots more buds so they should do better next week.
 There are stelles over near the apples and they are doing nice blooms too...
The hydrangeas surprised us.  It was like one day there was nothing and the next day this.  Well, we probably weren't paying attention...
 Nice look on the whole length of them...
 And look at one close up!  They are lovely.

Now let's sit up on the deck and relax.  We have minced HAM, minced Beef, and minced Chickie!

And Meowgaritas!  And a bowl of crushed NIP leafs.  Can't get much better than THAT!

Thank you again for coming along on my Garden Tour!