Saturday, June 30, 2018

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Iza was on my throne recently.  I hadnt been there for a few days (vacationing at the Summer Throne in the far bedroom), but I recognized her stink (she farts) and made TBT wash my towel immediately.  THAT made it "good enough" again.
I cant recall if ya saw this before, but TBT went out and got a Royal Cover for the throne.  Marley likes ta claw Naugahide* and Pleather and the Cover dissuades him.
Its comfy and princessy again.
* TBT tells me that once upont a time, there were vast forests of Veneer Trees where Naugas used to romp and play before the Humans discovered them.  They cut down all the Veneer trees for tables and bookcases, and hunted the Naugas to extinction for food (he says they "tasted like chicken") and their fancy skins.  The Naugas dint mind (sort of like Shmoos) but there arent any left.  Now the Pleathers live in the open fields where once the Veneer Trees swayed in the breeze and the Naugas gambled and went broke gamboled and brooked.  Well, something like that.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  Ya know how somedays ya just cant decide whether ta be IN or OUT?

When no matter WHICH side of the door you are on seems wrong?

And you keep checking ta see which side is better.
And then the Bein locks the door and goes away?
Yeah, I never have that either.  (*koff, koff*)

BTW, ignore the fish eye lens effect.  TBT set it that way in a typical random act of stoopid and it took him a WHOLE DAY ta undo it...  He actually had ta load a CD and read a manual.  And the instructions were wrong, but close enough that he fixed it.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Im doing the Garden Tour today!  Yeah, Iza usually does it, but I insist on a turn every once in a while.
And today I choose ta focus on the Daylilies.   TBT saved them when the back yard was leveled a few years ago and he divided them up pretty mercilessly.  This is the first year they have got big again.  And it may be a while before we see them again.

While we dont chew on them, TBT says they CAN be dangerous, so he is gonna move them all to the front yard where we dont go this Fall.  And he is even marking them (with labels - not like WE do) for color so he can arrange them ta grow ta look best.

But for today, we have lovely flowers ta show!

It is kinna obvious what colors they are from the pictures and we have no idea of names of them, so I'll just lead ya around to one of each so we can all admire them up close.  Don't bite them though!

Now lets go up on the deck for snacks and ta admire the long row of them   Right side...
Other side...
Im a kinna straightforward eater, so we have stuff in MY fashion today.  There are bowls of wunnderful crunchy chicken kibbles, toothy-cleaning crunchies, Roo chewies, and some minced ham!  And ta drink, we have nice clean water, nice clean water with crushed Nip leafs, and Nip leafs.  And because it is not just for ME of course, I had TBT prepare some small bowls of Meowgaritas and some Rabbit Pate bowls...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Forward, Into The Past

AYLA:  Well, lets see what we were doing ... 8 years ago!

Ah, I was in the little cave at the OLD Cat Tree with my red fevver!
Iza came over ta try an bother me.
But she wasnt gonna get past my sharp claws, so I relaxed...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Freaky Friday Tummy Friday

TBT here:  Megan guessed it...

The Mews said I had to take a turn showing my tummy this Week Of Tummies.  Fair IS fair...  It wasn't easy.  I had to re-learn the delayed picture feature, set the camera up on a tripod on the dining table, angle it over the edge and clamp down the back leg of the tripod so it wouldn't fall over, etc.

The first results were failures.  But persistence helps.

So, to end the Week Of Tummies, here is the last...

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tummy Thursday

AYLA:  Apparently it has turned inta Tummy Week here.  But I dont do those pictures much.  Im kinna too skinny ta balance on my back very well.  So I hadda go inta the Archives ta find one.  I found two!

I was playin with the Plague Rat here and just happened ta roll over...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  More tummy...Whole nother day...Enjoy...
The heaty mat is WUNNERFUL!
Oh "SPITTIKINS............"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

My Birfday and Fathers Day

AYLA - It is my 11th Birfday, and time fer a pawty.  But it is also Fathers Day, and even if TBT says we are all just housemates, we think of him as "Dad".

So a few pictures of me and a few pictures of him (keep it quiet, he doesn't know we are doing this)...

But I must show a BEAUTIFUL card!  It is from

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

I liked sitting in trees when I was younger...

A picture taken from a mirror...
And finally, me at 2 months...

Hot Dog Egg Rolls
Hot Dog Wraps!

Appetizer Sweet Potato and Chorizo Sausage Bites

 Shrimp Balls!
Bacon Appetizers Free Photo – Foodie Factor Ham Wrapped in cheese and BACON!

 Easy Gluten-Free Appetizers & Recipes | MyRecipes
 Roast Cow with cream cheese...

Smoked Appetizers and Party Foods - Smoking Meat Newsletter
And Rabbit meatballs wrapped in BACON!

And of course there have to be great drinks for a special double pawty like this. 
 Your drink: now the most pleasant part of flying – Long ...
 The left 2 are for TBT.  The other 1 is for US.  The right one is our special Niptini, that's a Nip leaf on the edge and more Nip crushed into a glass of chickie broth!

An there are games.

40pcs/lot 32cm*25cm*11cm kraft paper gift bag, , Festival ...

 All the Boxes you can imagine...
Shipping Discs for Dummies And toys...
LPS Toys Free Shipping | eBay

So it should be grand!!!