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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Iza was on my throne recently.  I hadnt been there for a few days (vacationing at the Summer Throne in the far bedroom), but I recognized her stink (she farts) and made TBT wash my towel immediately.  THAT made it "good enough" again.
I cant recall if ya saw this before, but TBT went out and got a Royal Cover for the throne.  Marley likes ta claw Naugahide* and Pleather and the Cover dissuades him.
Its comfy and princessy again.
* TBT tells me that once upont a time, there were vast forests of Veneer Trees where Naugas used to romp and play before the Humans discovered them.  They cut down all the Veneer trees for tables and bookcases, and hunted the Naugas to extinction for food (he says they "tasted like chicken") and their fancy skins.  The Naugas dint mind (sort of like Shmoos) but there arent any left.  Now the Pleathers live in the open fields where once the Veneer Trees swayed in the breeze and the Naugas gambled and went broke gamboled and brooked.  Well, something like that.