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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Caturday

IZA:  One of my fun things ta do is push things off tables and desks.  Of course TBT doesn't really like it when I do that.  He suspects that I have a secret stash on pens and paperclips somewhere (I do, but he will never find it).

But I also like ta shove larger items off places.  letters, bills, and small notebooks are my favorites of those.  Like the water bill I hid away unner a chair once...  THAT cost him some green papers once so I stopped doing THAT. 

But when ya DO shove things off tables, it is impawtant ta nap on them afterwards.  TBT cant disturb a napping cat of course.  And then, with anny luck, he will just see it as part of the floor clutter and forget it is there, MOL!