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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Not Easy Like Sunday

TBT and The Mews here:  We think we have a problem commenting.

Yeah, fine, some blogs use moderating before allowing comments.  But that isn't the problem. 

We think our comments are not getting through to the blogs that don't do that.  We visit a friend, and we always leave a comment.  But we happened to visit one site where we had commented and it wasn't there.  Well, OK, maybe we forgot to hit "send". 

But we went to another and our comment wasn't there.  And a 3rd and 4th.  In some cases, the comment was there.  But mostly they weren't.

This is bothering us in multiple ways.

First, our friends are thinking we aren't visiting and leaving comments, as if we don't care about them.

Second, there is something seriously wrong with our computer (and we can't find a cause for that.

Third, there might be a general problem in blogger than we are the first to notice.

Fourth, we do see comments at the sites we comment at unsuccessfully

Fifth, something else we can guess at.

So, we specifically checked for missing comments at Charliepuss, Catio Tales, Ducky, Eric&Flynn, Sometimes Cats Herd You, and our posts are not there a day after.  So something is very wrong.

Is it just us?  Can a few of you check for missing comments?  And if it is just us, any suggestions?  We are completely baffled and upset that our comments than seem to get sent aren't getting through.