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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Womancat Wensday


TBT says I should not make this a habit or he will have to re-arrange the desk.

Let him.  I'll adjust...

Whispery Wensday

MARLEY:  I had some questions ta ask TBT, but I had ta be careful about it.  Well, they were about Iza, and finding a time when she isn't nearly attached to him isn't easy.  So I decide ta sit on the back of the chair and whisper...

So, it went like this:

ME:  Psst, I got an embarassing question ta ask.  Why does Iza smell so bad?

TBT:  Well, I think she has always had some tummy troubles.  Plus there is a part of you cats called an "anal gland".  It releases a scent marker.  Sometimes it causes problems, though.   Iza has that problem.  And it is why she sometimes drags her butt along the carpet.

ME:  Do I have that problem?

TBT:  No, you smell like baby powder.  And yes, that is good...  Ayla smells good too.
ME:  So can you do something about it?

TBT:  Well, I've had the vet squeeze bad stuff out each visit, but it doesn't last long.  I've wondered if I could learn to do it myself.

ME:  So why don't you?  Ayla and I would appreciate it.

TBT:  And I would appreciate it too.  But it isn't easy, Iza would fight about it.  It really takes 2 Beins ta do it.

ME:  Could you hire someone?

TBT:  Well, that would be the vet almost every month. 

ME:  So?

TBT:  That would come out of your treat money...

ME:  Ooh...
TBT:  There is an operation.  But there is a risk.  It might cause her to dribble poop in the house.  You would have to watch where you stepped!

ME:  Ooh.  That doesn't sound good either.  It might even smell worse. 

TBT:  Sometimes we all have to just put up with small problems.

ME:  Yeah.  Well, I'm sure glad I whispered all this to you.  I love Iza and wouldn't want her to be embarassed.

TBT:  Me too, but I think I will talk to the vet about learning if I can do that stuff myself.  And if I start bringing Iza to the vet every couple of months, she is going to get her front claws clipped too.


TBT:  But you and Ayla would too.

ME:  NO, I need those ta catch the voles!