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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Thankful Thursday

MARLEY:  I've got the lap ALL to myself. 
You didnt see all the scritchies, but I got them.   For some reason, the scritchies and the camera never happen at the same time.
I soaking up TBT's warmth.
There is something on the TV but I never pay attention to that.  Ayla does.  She says there are little thing moving somewhere in there.
Here ya can see why TBT doesn't move much.  He has snacks on the table.  We have all sniffed those a few times, but they are yucky...
The lap is good enough!
And Iza is nearby on the heaty mat...
I tried it once but it is too warm fer me.  TBT says I am a natural warm boy on my own.  I think that's good.  In fact, TBT says I heat him up lots.  So sometimes he changes his back legs around.  That's good for me too.  Hots are sometimes too much.

Iza can take it forever.
We are both thankful for the right amount of warms.