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Saturday, September 15, 2018

No Picture Saturday

I don't have the camera nearby and if I got up to get it, the Mews would follow me, ruining the shot anyway. 

But Iza is sleeping on the floor next to me, Marley is on the back of my chair monorail style, and Ayla is sitting on the windowsill looking out at the night.  

They might not be as attached to one another as they are to me, but they are comfortable around each other wherever *I* am and that is good enough for now...

I am grateful they get along.

Sometimes "good enough" is good enough.  A peaceful household is worth a lot.  Ans I know that, later when I go to bed, they will all slowly gather around me. 

Iza will slowly push her way against me until I lift the covers so she can crawl under and drape over my hip.  Marley will lay on a corner and then ask to come under the covers near dawn but not push against me.  Ayla will come around several times during the night seeking the only 2 spots she wants at night. 

Mostly, she wants to find me laying on my stomach because she loves to sit on the backs of my calf muscles.  Sometimes, to stretch a bit, I pull my legs under me (it's a waterbed thing) and she waits for that in order to hop on my back.  I have no idea why that attracts her, but it does.  She treads then.  The pressure on my back feels good, but she mostly sits there and treads on the bed over my back. 

On rare occasions, she treads on my back (no claws).  Oh that feels great!

But eventually, I have to lie down on one side or another.  Ayla rests in the crook of my knees.  Sometimes, they are all so close (but never touching each other) that I can barely move.  I'm aware of that when awake, but not when I'm asleep.

They all come and go during the night (nature calls, I assume).  But they are usually all there when I finally have to get up in the morning.  I know they are all hungry, but they are patient.  They know when I really get up (turning on the lights and stuff) it is first breakfast time for them.

They get small amounts at first (in consideration to Iza who has to eat just a little to keep it down first thing in the morning).  That's why there is 2nd breakfast an hour later.  Iza can handle that better. 

And there is first and second lunch so that Iza doesn't lose weight.  As she is up and around, she can eat more.  And Marley and Ayla get more. 

Ayla and Marley eat just what they need.  Their weight seldom changes.  Iza can go up and down a pound in a week because feeding her what she can keep down is tricky.  Marley is a very routine 13 or so pounds, Ayla is ALWAYS 6.4.  Iza can go from 9.4 to 10.4 in days even when it seems she is eating normally.  I never know what she will weigh in the morning (I weigh her daily).

And it is time to go to bed.