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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Oh YAY!  TBT opened up a drawer as we collecting to go to sleep.  An because that drawer was a bit thin of comfy undershirts, he put the bathroom mat on top (it fits perfectly).  I claimed it immediately!
I DO know ta cover my eyes though.  A cat in a drawer is a flashy-magnet...
I stayed there ALL night.  Time for a morning stretch (I know what it LOOKS like, but that was the start of a stretch).
See?  I was purrfectly happy ta sit there!
OK, it DID give me ideas (and I HAD been there ALL NIGHT), so I ran down ta the litterboxes.  None of us would do THAT in a drawer.  Iffen somekitty did, we doubt we would ever see one open again...

But waking up so comfy and rested made this a Very Easy Like Sunday!

BTW, Happy Fall to Northern cats and Happy Spring to Southern ones...