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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Lots to show today, some bad, but mostly good.

TBT found this unusual mum at Walmart.  Top view...
Our cat-level view...
 The volunteer marigolds are growing well...
And these are all volunteers too.
The BEST volunteers!   There are hummingbirds around them all the time.  Except of course when TBT or we are out there close,
The Venus Fly Traps are thriving, with lots of unlucky flies...
 The Autumn Joy Sedum are beginning to color-up.
The little pond is looking very good.  I told TBT to clean it in Spring and he did.  There are frogs and goldfish in there.
The a\Asters are blooming, but with all the rain, they are floppy.  TBT will put a a string between poles to lift them.
The butterfly meadow just utterly failed.  We pulled the dead plants out, but vines are growing.  TBT will have to pull them out.  My paws aren't strong enough.
The meadow flowerbed isn't looking good either.  But I think we can overseed in late Winter and try again.
The Mums in the garden beds are doing well.  
 There are red and yelow ones too.  They need a sunnier spot for next year.  I'll let TBT know where that is is by resting in the sunniest spots this week.

Now, lets all go sit in the enclosed garden area.  TBT has left the door open for us.

Toaday, we are having treats.  We have 6 different packets of them and TBT has brought out pates of them, some just one kind and some plates mixed all up.  So we can choose.