Saturday, November 03, 2018

OK, We Are Back

The Mews - TBT didn't have all the results he hoped for during our absence, but things are better than they were.  So we will return with "some good".

He doesn't stay up all night with the computer room door closed so we can't get in.  That's good.  And he sleeps more regular, and that is good.  It is nice to have breakfast in the morning instead of afternoon (sometimes).

He has been busy indoors and out.  Sometimes we unnerstand what he is doing, sometimes not.  We had strangers in the yard and they made a lot of noise so we were happy to stay inside.  And then HE made a lot of noise outside.  We only got out for an hour, but some time is better than no time.

Inside we have our puzzle box.  TBT puts treats in there an we have to paw them out.  That is fun.  But he painted it a new color, and that was good.  The old one was red and we didn't see that color all that well.  The new one is bright green and we see THAT very well.  Much more inneresting!