Thursday, November 08, 2018


AYLA:  Do I look good on a dotty mat or what?

They are the opposite of camo for me, LOL...
More Who...

Freaky Friday - The Brush Mower

IZA:  Because we collected a lot of pictures while TBT got his self together a bit, we are a bit behind the current date.  So we need to explain and get some pictures used before they stop making any sense.

Like, we don't want to refer to using something before we mention getting it.  TBT says that's the horse behind the cart or something like that.  He uses weerd phrases like that.  We have never seen a "horse" or a "cart", for example.

So one thing that happened was that TBT got a big machine what chops down brush and brambles and even little trees thick as my paw an taller than he is!  It is PAWSOME!

But before he used it, he had to take it out of its shell box crate, and thats where I came in.  And anything what involves ME is most important...

Before TBT started to beat the wood off the machine, I checked it out carefully.
I sniffed around it carefully ta make sure no rats were sneakin in.
I dint find anny, so TBT told me I should go into the house while he used sharp tools to free it.  I agreed completely.  Sharp power tools and curious kitties like me do not go together well.
But after he got it all free of the crate, I got a better look at it and was pretty pleased.  
All he had ta do after that was figure out how it worked and get it to the big back yard.
WE MEWS will not be allowed out while he is using this thing.  
But, for my snoopervision werk, I got an extra treat later, and that was good.