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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  First, I want to explain the Werdless Wensday picture where Iza was staring out into the night through the deck door.  She was watching a possum on the deck.

Now, unnerstand that this is a long-standing laffter among us here at Mark's Mews.  You see, when Iza was a kitten, she thought possums were just sort of "strange kitties" so we called them "Iza Kitties". 

She knows better now.  But we are all sort of innerested in those things.  So when Iza was napping on TBTs lap, he saw a possum right at thge deck door and lifted Iza up so she could see it.  She ran RIGHT OVER and pawed at the door, but TBT wasn't gonna let her out.

Well, first it was afterdark.  Second, those things have sharp teeth.  Third, they eat very dead things and only Ceiling Cat knows what diseases are in those teeth...

Now, that out of the way, it was serious laptime fer ME!

TBT liked that last one especial.  When I go "floaty curly paws", he knows I'm really seriously trusting my sleep to him.  And he does pretty well letting me sleep there.  Until his leg goes all numby.  Then he has to move a bit.

Sometimes, I am so asleep, I don't even wake up.  Don't tell Iza, but I learned that from her.  She can stay asleep even if he gets up and carries her around sometimes.  I can't to THAT, but I've learned to stay half asleep when he moves and that werks good.

Ayla doesn't get on his lap much, but she likes it when she does.  But iffen he so much as twitches, she jumps...  She misses so much laptime that way.