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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  We ALL love the waterybed at night.  TBT is unner the blankies an we usually choose spots around him.  I am the champion waterybed sleeper by time.  Marley is the 2nd and he stays half the night.
When he sleeps, he sleeps SOUNDLY.   Like dead to the world. 
I'm just a short-time sleeper.  I get up, walk around the house, and return.
See what I mean about "dead to the world"?  TBT just got up (which makes the whole waterybed move up and down and he doesn't even notice!
Ayla has her special spots.  She only joins us near dawn and goes and sits right on top of TBT.  He doesn't mind.  In fact, she often sits on his back and treads.  He LOVES that!  But she doesnt stay long.  Though sometimes I awake and find her next to me.