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Monday, November 12, 2018

Mancat Monday

TBT HERE:  Ayla is a Princess just because she IS.  Iza is the Healthy Peasant.  But Marley has just earned a promotion. 

I have seen an intruder cat in the backyard recently.  It seems pretty healthy so I assume it is from a home of its own nearby.  But Marley saw it a few days ago and went out face-to-face with it.  Now, Marley is a pretty laid-back cat when it comes to his sisters.  I have to watch at meal-time to make sure Iza doesn't take his bowl (he stands away).  He defers to Ayla on napping spots. 

But he apparently doesn't like other cats in the yard.  He went right up to the intruder and stood nose-to-nose quietly while the intruder yelled and hissed.  The intruder backed away and then he chased it over the fence.  And then went and stood on the deck rails where he could see the whole back yard.  And I've never seen him stand there before.

And that happened again a few days ago.  Same routine of standing nose-to-nose quietly and the intruder leaving.

Yesterday, he had enough of it.  He attacked and thrashed it.  Amazing spinning action!  I can't imagine anything as fast as 2 cats fighting.  The intruder ran and he caught it twice.  And thrashed it!  It ran under the fence (some old bunny path) and I think he bit its tail as it fled.  He proudly came back to the deck immediately, assured that our yard was safe...

So I announce that Marley is now (in formal situations)  "Sir Marley, Defender of the Realm, Protector of The Yard, and Knight of the Mews".  He earned it!

AYLA:  I was watching the whole thing.  MY tail was poofed just watching!  
 And Marley's wasn't even the least bit.
I am impressed by my little brofur!

In fact, when we got treats that night, I pushed him one of mine...