Thursday, November 15, 2018

Troubly Thursday

IZA:  My heaty mat broke!  All TBT did was to unplug it in order to move some furniture an it BROKE.  Parts of the plug just all came loose.

I am devastated!
TBT contacted the seller for a replacement part.  She stopped selling in the US.   He begged.  She promised to contact the manufacturer in China.  And promised and promised and promised.  And never would return an email unless asked again and again.

We regret to have to say that...

We have given up.  So be very careful about buying anything from Art Of Paws.  Just an honest statement based on our specific experience...

TBT searched for the adapter plug by type and model name.  Apparently it is not made anymore.

He ordered another heaty mat (different company) for me.  It does not warm as well as the old one.  I'll sit on it, but it isnt as warm.  I sure miss the old one.

TBT says he is going to sit down at his workbench with his soldering iron and epoxy and wires and try to rebuild the broken plug.  I sure hope it works.  But he doesn't act all confident.  He says electricity isnt his best subject.

Our initial review was HERE!  But we wouldn't recommend it now.  Cheap plug, and apparently, not replacable....