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Saturday, November 24, 2018

The No-Turkey No-Ham Thanksgiving

THE MEWS:  Well, dint get real turkey or even ham for Thanksgiving Day!  On Thursday, we thought mebbe we got the day wrong, but it dint happen yesserday either.  So we all sat on the otto-man last evening and stared at TBT.  He KNEW what the problem was, so he had ta explain.

Afterwards, we meowed among ourselfs and decided it had just the right blend of care and Being-dumbness to be true fer him.  An here is his story...

He went out hunting fer turkey Monday.  He dint want a whole turkey (them things are HUGE), but wanted turkey thighs.  We arent sure how that works, but mebbe he gets together with other hunters and they catch one and chop it into pieces to share.  Annyway, he came back with thighs but threw them away.  And then threw away some ham.  We were afraid he was losing his mind (such as it is, but we trust

TBT:  STOP!  This is impossible for The Mews to explain, so I will just take over...

Monday I went shopping to buy turkey thighs.  There were only 2 packages left and neither was as chilly as I would have liked.  But I put the colder one in my cart and looked at the whole frozen ones.  I could thaw a small one by Thursday.  But I decided that a whole one was too much (and I don't like most of the other parts).  And I was concerned about the safety of the package of 2 thighs.  So I went to put the thighs back.

I guess I got distracted, because I still had the thighs in my cart at checkout and didn't think about my initial concerns.  Arriving home, I was annoyed to realize I had bought them.  But I figured if I cooked them right then, they would be safe (and thighs stay moist up to about 185F).  So I cooked them.

Later, I decided it was stupid to take a chance with them and put them into a special box in the freezer that I keep meat waste (skin, steak fat, etc) to put in the garbage the night before pickup.  And I did so knowing I had a center cut 1/2" slice of ham to use instead.

Thanksgiving Day, I pulled out the ham.  The package was marked "use by Sept 10th".  Yikes!  So I added that to the freezer trash box...

Which left me pulling out some chicken thighs I had cooked and frozen the week before.  And they weren't exactly traditional American-cooked thighs.    This batch was from a N African recipe with shallots, lemon wedges and green olives.  Sounds weird, but "try it, you'll like it".  I like it.

The rest of the meal was standard stuff.  Smashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter, seasoned green beans, etc.  Not much The Mews would like though.  So they got canned minced turkey and a promise...

I'll buy (properly-chilled) turkey thighs next shopping trip.  I'll bake 1 my way (brined in apple juice, cinnimon sticks, cloves, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger)  and 1 plain for The Mews.  And hope they will forgive me for the delay of the feast...

 I now return control of the post to The Mews.

THE MEWS:   him to know about food safety.  We mean, its not like he eats grass and throws it up or hacks up hairballs or sometimes eats a bug he shouldnt have.  Not that it actually bothers us to walk around a spot where one of us has tossed up a half-digested cricket, but we do notice he never hacks up stuff like that himself, so he KNOWS stuff, ya know?

And he promised us we will get REAL turkey next week!  Maybe even gravy...  And by "gravy", we mean real turkey juices, not that paste some Beins make.  

That sounds pretty good and we will wait.