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Friday, December 07, 2018

Flashback Friday

This day in 2012, Marley was enjoying the huts on the cat trees.
They fit him purrfectly back then.
He loved all of the huts...

And my Dad was here.  He had his favorite chair, and enjoyed having Iza sit with him.  Iza liked him too.
Dad always claimed he didn't like cats "all that much", but he always gave them good attention and especially good solid ones like Iza.  I think he thought "guys were supposed to prefer dogs".  He was always good to the family cats though.  He even got caught talking to them nicely when he thought no one else was around.  LOL!

Dad had the best last couple years here.  He was sinking, alone, in Florida the 4 years after Mom died.  Taking care of him for 2 years was good for me too.  We talked a lot.  He didn't always make sense around sunset (that is an actual specific problem), but he did remember things most of the time and seemed happy to be with me (and the cats).