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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Late And Disorganized

AYLA:  As Eldest Cat, I often have to represent us all.  And WE messed up this Holiday Season.  See,  TBT often loses track of weeks.  Not days, but weeks.  He THOUGHT it was 2 weeks before Chrissymouse.


He even missed out on Secret Paws and the Card list last Moon.  Hes hopeless sometimes.

I shouldn't have let him slip on that.  *I* know when Chrissymouse Day is (as do Iza and Marley).  I just didnt realize that TBT had lost the weeks.  The Beins need SO MUCH help sometimes and I wasn't paying attention to the catlendar...

Annyway, what Im saying is that we brought his attention to the days and he made cards fer us to send.  So there are cards on the way using last years address list.  But they might be real close or even "late". 

We do the best we can with him, but it is pretty difficult sometimes...

Ayla, Iza, and Marley