Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Visits And "HUH"?

Well, once again, we visited all our friends.  We left comments as usual at every blog (about 60).  And once again, almost half did not show up.  We don't mean "waiting for moderation", we mean just "nothing".  We don't know why.

We see comments at those blogs; it must be something we are doing wrong, but we can't figure out what it is...  We must be as dumb as broccoli.

Most (but not all) involve "prove you are not a robot".  We dont do well on the "click on all the squares with cars" type thing.  And more confusing, it isn't always the same blogs. 

We have to really look into all that.  But know that we try...

IZA:  Now on the happy side, we have some regular stuff ta show.

TBT took a picture and we cant tell how he did it.  Neither can he.  He couldnt have taken the picture with his arm in the view.  And he sure isnt agile enough to have done it with the other arm...
I just looked at him and went all "HUH"?
I'll have to think about this fer a while...