Monday, December 31, 2018

Tuesday Toesies And Tummies On Monday

IZA:  Day Names get confoosin at this time between Chrissymouse and The New Year.  Sometimes it seems Wensdayish and then Mondayish, ya know.  So whatever day it is...
Ooh I love ta do this...
Well, I'm on TBTs lap, so its easy.
An cool, Marley is joining in!
He has The Most restful look.
And THEN, he rolls over...
Serious scritches ensued...

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Its rare we are all in the same picture, so TBT takes what he can get.
Iza was sleepin in the drawer.  I had just gotten up from the folded blankie on the chair next to her.
And Marley showed up in the door.  He likes ta sleep in the platform tree, but when he hears us moving around, he gets up and comes in the bedroom.
Iza allus reacts when she sees TBT getting up.  And we all know that means First Breakfast.
We get kinna excited about THAT!  Night time is long and foodless!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Morning Greetings

MARLEY:  Sometimes we have morning greetings before First Breakfast. 
Iza is usually calmest then.  She knows TBT has to be around for there ta be food, and he wasnt up yet...
So she bestows a few kisses and licks.  That is a nice way ta wake up.
And we talk a bit...
But eventually decides ta go wake TBT up.  She is ALLUS hungry...
I gave her a paw-tap of thanks.  Ya want morning licks, ya gotta say thank you.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Freaky Friday

IZA:  EEK, my head is vanishing!
I was just napping...
And TBT said I was disappearing!
And then gone!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tighty Thursday

MARLEY:  I think this drawer is bit too small.  Or I ate too much dinner.  Can you eat too much dinner?
I did my best to fit in.  I usually fit into drawers better than this.
TBT says its open all the way.  Bast, do I need ta go on a diet?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Visits And "HUH"?

Well, once again, we visited all our friends.  We left comments as usual at every blog (about 60).  And once again, almost half did not show up.  We don't mean "waiting for moderation", we mean just "nothing".  We don't know why.

We see comments at those blogs; it must be something we are doing wrong, but we can't figure out what it is...  We must be as dumb as broccoli.

Most (but not all) involve "prove you are not a robot".  We dont do well on the "click on all the squares with cars" type thing.  And more confusing, it isn't always the same blogs. 

We have to really look into all that.  But know that we try...

IZA:  Now on the happy side, we have some regular stuff ta show.

TBT took a picture and we cant tell how he did it.  Neither can he.  He couldnt have taken the picture with his arm in the view.  And he sure isnt agile enough to have done it with the other arm...
I just looked at him and went all "HUH"?
I'll have to think about this fer a while...

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Chrissymouse Day

Today we are sharing pictures of the Chrissymouse decorations...

First, The Amazing Transformation.  Before...
And After.  
Front of house.
Tree decorations...

This wall-hanging is a perfect under-tree mat.
Not bad for a $25 tree!  And Ayla is a lovely accompanyment...


Ayla makes a nice "card", too.


Monday, December 24, 2018

Chrissymouse Eve

Twas The Night Before Chrissymouse*

Twas the Night Before Chrissymouse,
We kitties were fed
To the top of our tummies.
So we all went to bed.

There was fussing aplenty
Fore we did lay to sleep.
But the dresser-drawer went
To Iza to sleep.

Ayla went for the shoe rack,
The top towel softest.
While Marley decided
On waterbed topness.

It could have gone better,
TBT thought afters
"The chimney's not swept
In a Year of Decembers".

But wisely he closed
The door of the room
When he heard the old Elf
Coming down with a boom.

"Oh Dash-it-all, Dash-it
I'm covered with soot
And I think I have
Injured my ankle and boot"

"And what's this? I'm consigned
To the basement as well?
That darn house designer
Is dumb as a bell".

But stumbling forward
He noticed quite near
Not some milk and a cookie,
But a pickle and beer!

"At least these cats know
How to give me some cheer!
The best snack I've gotten 
This whole day-long year".

Well all is not lost he thought to himself,
Let me what they've got,
Chirpie Chick, wand toys, mice
Well, already a lot!

"Quite lucky cats", he smiled and grinned, 
"But I have something special, not toys, I can give.
They each will get 1 extra life
And TBT good health for to help them to live"

"And I'll give them something visible
That isn't so material."
And set about arranging things
In ways that were quite magical.

"So when they wake this Christmas morn,
Their sleepy eyes shall see.
The proof that they are loved so much.
Underneath the Tree."

He spent not a planck-time
Arranging his work.
And when he was done,
Gave his nose a slight twerk.

Up the chimney he rose,
To the reindeer he whistled,
And away they all flew
Like a whisper of thistle.

He said not a word,
Far too busy for that.
But he surely does have
A great love for us cats.

We never did stir,
Not a sound we did hear.
We slept the most soundest
Of nights all this year.

From a previous year.   I just didn't think I could do better...  TBT

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We had all been outside in the late afternoon, but it suddenly got cloudy and a bit windy.  Naturally, we all decided it was time to get inside and demand a meal
TBT made us wait a few seconds while he got some pictures of all of us together...
 But it was worth it. 
Toona with a side of crunchies!

Saturday, December 22, 2018