Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

THE MEWS:  May your days be filled with food, treats, naps, warmth, toys, and (for us cats who can go outside) mousies, and birdies that dead themselves on the deck door).  May your days and nights be filled with love and care and companionship.

But food is easier to show...

Does THAT look like food security or what?  We have more days of food than TBT!

TBT:  How ya gonna open them?

THE MEWS:  We dint say you wouldn't be here ta open them...  We'll share... 


Food.  Now...
BTW, Happy New Year Eve...

Monday, December 30, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Bad pic.  But that's where I sleep.  And as soon as TBT wakes up and moves around, I run off to get First Breakfast.  He despairs of getting pics of me sleeping sometimes...

Sunday, December 29, 2019

An Odd Surprise

TBT here:  I had a strange day yesterday.  I got up late and had to go visit the dentist for a 6 month checkup.  Everything is fine, but there is one tiny cavity that will be filled easily in 2 weeks.  I didn't eat before the visit.  And I didn't eat after.  I did some useful work around the yard and house.  And never got hungry.

Some days are like that.  And I wouldn't be posting this here (instead of on my personal blog) but it involves Skeeter.

I updated a few programs, and one tells me about blog visitors.  Don't worry, its nothing personal.  But it suggested that I had suddenly had some 1,000+ visitors.  Well, that happened many years ago and it turned out that some weerdos had gotten into really old Skeeter&LC posts and left ads in Chinese.  Took weeks to get rid of most of them and some are unremovable.

So, to look for new ads in old ones, I scrolled down my list of old posts and AT RANDOM, I  SWEAR, I landed on December 10, 2008.  Opened it.  Skeeter's Bridge Day...

I re-read the comments to that post for an hour.  And then the posts the next days.  It was hard, but sweet at the same time.  I still miss him so much after 11 years.  Ayla, Iza, and Marley have filled my life since he and LC went OTB.

I cried again reading the comments.   And so many friends.  Most don't blog anymore or have gone OTB themselves, or have changed blog names and I've lost track.  I clicked on a lot of the names to see if they were still blogging.  Well, back a few years when the "Prove You Are A Person" security started, I got annoyed and deleted some blogs from my Feedly list.  Stupid me...  I've been trying to find some of those bloggers lately and found most were unactive.

The list of bloggers who helped me through those dark days is very long.  And I was surprised at how many of you are still blogging.  Some I thought were "newer" were there then.  It was "enlightening".

Most wrote comments of support, some wrote poems, others encouraged me to pay attention to LC and Ayla.  All was so helpful to my grieving heart.  So I wanted to take time today to say "Thank You" to those of you who were there then.  And no disrespect to newer bloggers; you just weren't there then. 

Over the years, I still sometimes cry when I think of Skeeter (and LC).  But there is less pain when I do.  When I sometimes call Marley "Skeeter", it is just an accident of memory, not a wish he could be replaced with Skeeter. 

Skeeter was the first cat I had for so long from kittenhood to death.  That was profound.  Someone commented this year (I have the world's worst memory for names) that I shouldn't think in terms of "A" heartcat and she was right.  They are ALL "heartcats" now.  I could not choose among Ayla, Iza, or Marley for "heartcat" today. 

Ayla and I struggled together through 3 spay operations before it got done right.  And she HAS to greet me in the morning at eye level on the dresser or shoe rack.  Iza is so attached to me that she cries if we are both outside and she loses track of where I am.  So I always have an ear open.  And she is distressed if she isn't in the same room.  Marley is a lot like Skeeter.  But he wants to know where I am too.  Outside, he is MANCAT, Grim Reaper of mousies.  Inside, he wants my presence.

I cherish them all.  I know that someday, they too will leave.  And they will leave a huge hole in my heart when they do.  I have trouble imagining a time when one or all are gone.  They are my constant companions.  I talk to them and they talk back.  I speak basic "cat".

I tried to imagine my life without cats in it a few days ago.  I couldn't.  There will be cats in my life until they haul me off to the crematorium.  Or the hospice or nursing home, whichever happens first.  I understand them (a brave statement to make but one I am sure of).  They are not my "pets" or my "children".  They are my housemates and my friends.  Yeah, maybe they require more care than other housemates (but you should have seen SOME I had in apartments). 

Anyway, this, I suppose, is a post of joy to The Mews.  Long may they walk with tails high, use the litterboxes. cost more in food than I spend on myself, and gladden my life every day...

BTW, I never found any "chinese ads", so I don't know what Statcounter was telling me.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  I got stuck with the Santa Hat this year.  I was HOPING TBT wouldn't find that one.  You can see how UTTERLY THRILLED I was to wear it...
I am WAY too tolerant of things, sometimes...  But there I was on the Chrissymouse tablecloth, and TBT had it in his hand.  BAST!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Secret Paw

IZA:  Our Chissymouse timing was a bit bad this year.  We all slept late Chrissymouse day and felt SO lazy we dint pay much attention to it.  And Dad has been fussing with a new puter and the little workers in the big box aren't workin.  Then this morning, when we were bright-eyed and ready to go, the flashy-box died and Dad had ta feed it through the wall.  And Dad had ta go hunt fruits and veggies and a chicken.  So by the time we all ate, it was dark.  So we were actually "late for Chrissymouse". 

But here we go...

Our Secret Paw is Valentine of Noir Kitty Mews.   And what a good Secret Paw he was!    We got the box a week ago, Dad hid it.
It was FULL of stuff.
I checked it out immediately...
The first thing out was a big ball of cloth.  Box padding maybe?
Ohh, there are kitties on it.  It must be something for US!
WOW!  Its a giant mat.  Look how biggly it is...
 Here's a nose-down view of the kitties...
Bast, I could roll on this for days!
All mine, Bwa-Ha-Ha.  What Dad?  But I found it first!  Oh allright...
ACK!  You CAN fall off the edge.
And then there was all the OTHER STUFF!  Some even wrapped (Oh Noes, I just realized we forgot to wrap our own Secret Paw stuff).  
 Dad set the foods and the kitty-crack aside so we would pay attention to the wrapped stuffs...  Marley heard the crinkling and came out to inverstigate.  He really liked the kitties on the papers "Ohh that white one is a cutie".
But he did some serious sniffin...
And found the crunchies.  He is cukkoo fer crunchies.
So Dad opened something and gave us each a few.  I went right back to the pile.  I mean, there is UNOPENED stuff.  BTW, Ayla is being a pill today and keeping to herself in the bedroom.  
I'm sniffin something unusual at the corner of this package.  It smells like Toy...
Dad, come and open this NOW!   YES, NOW!  "Open... Now".

I never learn.  He is nearly unbiddable.  I know, I know, "Firm Voice, Brief Sound Gap, Short Words".  But he pays no attention to even basic commands when he's not in the mood.
He thinks he's so funny sometimes.  He opened all the OTHERS, singing that "Anticipation" song from the ketchup commercial...
Finally!  And I was right.  But a weerd one!  Its a SnakeSharkCat and it has a mouse in its jaws...
I WANT that mouse Mr SnakeSharkCat!
Hmmm, he has a good grip on it.  It may take months ta get that mouse loose.  I'll have ta KICK a lot.  And then I'll eat HIM too.  I want him to live a bit knowing I took his mouse!
What next?  Well, I'm being careful of that  round knit thing.  It looks suspiciously like a collar, and we all KNOW what Beins do with those.  I BET whicheve one of us carries it around first has ta wear it.  OOH!  I gotta plan, hehe.  I'll tell Dad that since Ayla "missed out" on the unwrapping she "gets" ta wear it.
Meanwhile, there is crinkly paper ta play with too.
I'll just grab some and run off with it...
MARLEY:  Now that Iza is gone (she is SO possessive) I can look at the goodies in peace.  Oh wow such neat stuff!  Ans Dad dumped all the good-smellies and drugs down so I could sniff them.  He gave me some of the Nip, but says we will have a Silverine Party New Years Eve.  OK, that's only um "one littlle piggy, two little piggies...", FIVE nights from now. 
I'm NOT touching tht collar!  I heard what Iza said and she's probly right.   If Dad asks, I'm tellin him it is more "girlcat" size.  Yeah, that should werk...
So that was a great Secret Paw package and we are all thrilled.  Cuz we are posting this kinna late today and it deserves more on-air time, we are also gonna make this our post tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Chrissymouse Day

We are all just enjoyin Chrissymouse Day together today!
We'll be reporting on it tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Chrissymouse Tree

Not much this year.
Not as wide as a double window, nor so high as a door, but twill serve...

The motto this year is "it's the thought that counts".  Especially when we surround it with all the cards tonight so Sandy Claws will come....

Monday, December 23, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Just chillaxing...
BTW, we got our Secret Paws package, but TBT put it out of reach until Chrissymouse Day...  We should have mentioned that a few days ago.  We bad...

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Winter Are Here!

Happy First Day Of Winter!  (grumble, grumble)  We hope we dont get any of THIS kinna snow this season...  This picture is from a few years ago and we dont want ta have ta take another one like it.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I was napping in the laundry hamper.  I like it there.  It smells of TBT.

So he saw me there at dinnertime, and put the bowl down.  SALMON!   I ate.
So would you...

Later this afternoon, it becomes Winter.  We are getting a warn week.  Sure, why not?   And I could do without Winter anyway.  Go right from Fall to Spring...

Friday, December 20, 2019

Flashback Friday

This is this week in 2009, and it is why we don't have cat-grass...

SOMEONE just tears it all apart everytime!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

V-E-T Visit

IZA:  Well, I had my followup visit to the vet for more tests.  It wasnt as annoying as last week, but they still held me down and squeezed my leg and stabbed me to get some pee.  I would have provided some gladly if asked (all over the table ).
But they didnt do much else, which was good.  And as usual, they talked to Dad about me as if I wasn't there.  I suppose that didnt matter, since I didnt unnerstand ANNYTHING they were talking about.  So I'll turn it over to Dad to explain...

TBT:  Well, as the vet warned me, things looked worse than last weak, mostly because some medications mask other problems.  She has a follow-up visit in 2 weeks.

1.  Iza's blood pressure remains high.  It seems to be around 210/120 even when she was less stressed that after all the tests last week.  So she will be taking 1/4 of a 2.5 mg Amlodipine tablet for 2 weeks to see how that affects her numbers.  The vet told me she expects that to be increased, but wants to start at the lowest level.

A slightly funny story about that pill.  The vet said she thought it was a small triangular pill (she seldom actually SEES pills), and dividing it into 1/4s wouldn't be easy.  I'm good at geometry, but fortunately, it's round and I have a pill-splitter.  And fortunately, it is a cheap med.  $9 for 10 pills (40 doses).  The vet expects that Iza will need a 1/2 pill after the new tests.

2.  The vet gave my a prescription for Welactin Omega 3 for felines last time to assist kidney function last time.  It's not actually a "prescription".   The pharmacist at Walmart said they didn't carry that stuff.  Well, I had really looked at the "prescription".  When I did, I went to Chewy.com and ordered a bottle of the "liquid-to-add-to-food" and was happy to see it wasn't expensive.  But when it arrived (with the usual food order), the measuring scoop was missing.  I called the company and they said they would send a scoop.  It is only 1.25 ml which is about 1/4 teaspoon.  Man, that is SMALL!  At least I can just add that to her wet food.

Turned out I HAVE a 1/4 teaspoon stashed away in the kitchen.  AND I have the scoop.  It not only came out of the box but ALSO got into one of the canned food cases.  So I'll have three...

3.  Her thyroid numbers have improved "slightly".  That pretty much means she will be getting the ear gel Methimazole 2x a day for the rest of her life (she's 10.5).  She tolerates it best when I apply it when she is eating.  She tries to fold her ears back, but almost nothing can stop Iza from eating.

4.  The vet says she expects that Iza will have to go on a low-protein diet, but that depends on adjusted meds over a few months.

5.  I will get urinalysis results in a week.  I guess it is about kidney function, but in all the discussion, it wasn't clear.

6.  The vet seems oddly unconcerned about the fact that Iza drinks a LOT of water.  Maybe that is assumed with kidney problems or isn't actually a problem, but to me that suggests diabetes.  Well, I'm not the vet, and this vet (team of 2 actually) seems to know what they are doing.

I joked to the vet that Iza probably needs her own Little Medicine Cabinet and credit card.  To my surprise, she looked at me sadly and said her dog has both.


So in summary, Iza has high blood pressure, kidney problems, thyroid problems, and new tests in 2 weeks and 4 weeks after that may unmask further problems (her kidney numbers will probably be worse after the thyroid and blood pressure meds improve those problems.

Speaking of unmasking, allow me to express some personal thoughts.  When I was young and stupid, I didn't know about all these kinds of problems.  I thought cats only sufferred from bad diets, parasites, or things that vaccines prevented.  Like non-human animals very born healthy and stayed that way until "natural causes" ended their lives.  Skeeter was the first one who had obvious problems in his last (of 16 years) and thought that was rare.

But I think back on cats-who-came-before.  Maybe Mischief who died at 10 (1973-1983) could have lived more years if I had understood more about cat health.  And there were others before her.  Or maybe vets didn't know so much back then (and I won't blame them).  Knowledge of animals increases, and we learn as we go through life...

So, it is going to be a change for me to be giving Iza Omega 3 liquid supplements in her food every day, a bit of a pill orally, and ear gel 2x a day for years.  I'll do that.  It won't be easy, as I'm not used to having to do anything like that regularly (for myself or cats).

On we go, into the future...

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mildly Medical Wensday

IZA:  Dad makes stuff.  And sometimes for us.  I've been taking a thyroid med gel rubbed in my ears, and I wasn't happy.  So he said he would make a special thing for my med because "I am a special kitty".
Who doesn't wanna be a special kitty"?

It holds the gel stick.  And it is for ME!
That proves I am a special kitty, right?  I mean, evry time I look at it, I know I'm special cuz he MADE that holder thing just fer me.

But I got dragged ta the V-E-T again today. and will post about it tomorrow.  Dad and I want to make sure we get it all right.  Don't worry, I'm not goin anywhere soon, but its not great news...

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Old Is The New New

AYLA:  Sometimes it is nice ta discover old stuff.  It suddenly seems new.  This bed was available for several years and none of us used it.  That it got covered with stuff.  So TBT uncovered it, moved it to a new place right next to the big watery bed, and I went right in. 
I've really been enjoying it there lately.  I like that the inside is the same color as my furs!  I feel less visible that way.  Oh I know Iza and Marley can find me easily enough if they are trying, but sometimes Im pretty sure they dont see me.