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Thursday, December 12, 2019

V-E-T Visit

IZA:  Oh BAST, did I get a work-over yesserday!
TBT scooped me up at 11:30 for a V-E-T and we dint get back until 2 HOURS later!  They did all the usual stuff AND MORE.  It was AWFUL!  Apparently, I'm going to need my own little medicine cabinet.  But I'll let TBT explain all that stuff...

TBT:  Well, Iza has some problems.  She has sometimes tossed up First Breakfast, had frequent pudding-poops, and horked white foam at dawn for years.  I have tried commercial pro-biotics, commercial and prescription anti-diarrheal medication,  small meals, and prescription thyroid gel.

Iza completed a 60 day trial run of the tyroid gel, so we went back to the vet for a results test.  Here's what we have learned/was recommended:

1.  The smaller morning meals have helped.  No horking food in months.
2.  The commercial and prescription anti-diarrheal meds did not help.  However, I figured out that she is lactose-intolerant.  I had been giving her very small bits of cheeses and vanilla ice cream (she adores both).  But I stopped 2 months ago, and that made a big difference.  Her poops have shape almost all of the time!
3.  The thyroid gel has helped quite a bit.  Her numbers were much better this time.  So that will continue.  The ear gel is really easy and she accepts it with much complaint.
4.  However, high thyroid levels mask kidney problems, and her kidney numbers are higher.  That will require a med.  So I have a new prescription to fill and hopefully that will help.

5.  The vet did a blood pressure test and the results were not good.  The numbers should be about the same as ours (mine is about 120/80).  Hers were 220/120.  The vet is expecting she needs a med for that, but (since she had been temperatured, claw-clipped, anal-gland expressed, and abdominally-palpitated (causing stress) she wants to do that again next week when she might be calmer.  I don't expect the results to be different, since Iza is pretty calm when handled and even willingly walks out of the carrier in a strange place.  But is wise to confirm the blood pressure numbers.
6.  The vet tried to get a pee sample but got nothing.  I mentioned to the vet that was strange because Iza drinks WAY more water than any cat I've had before.  She wanted me to get a small cup of pee at home, and I just laughed at the idea of trying to do THAT.  So they will try again at next week's visit.
7.  The vet recommended a prescription for pro-biotics, but she decided to hold off on that because it can affect other test results and it was the least-needed med. 
8.  She may need a special dietary food, but that's for after more tests.  I hope not.  It is hard enough keeping Iza out of the other cat's bowls as it is when they can all eat the same food!
9.  Her seemingly-excessible water-drinking will be considered further after the other problems are addressed as that can be caused be existing problems that are being treated now. 

So, Iza likely has thyroid, kidney, and blood pressure problems.  Given that, the vet said she is otherwise in good condition generally.  She has an excellent coat, teeth are in good shape, she obviously eats well, she is muscularly strong, alert, happy, friendly, and easily handleable.  In fact, the vet said she has a soft silky coat that she couldn't avoid stroking it between tests and Iza just purred most of the time.

I asked about learning to do the anal expression, but the vet recommended I don't.  She said it is difficult with cats, takes 2 people, and cats REALLY hate that so it is better to let her take the resentment than me.  I might check youtube anyway. 

We have a visit scheduled in a week, and another in a month.  We'll see what the new numbers are then.

It was almost humorous the way the vet wanted to check the costs of most things she was doing to make sure it was OK.  Well, sure, I don't want to get a $500 surprise.  But like I'm going to say "no"?  I finally said "Look, I just go to your front desk afterwards, hand them my credit card, and close my eyes while signing the receipt, LOL"!

I'm "dad", the Mews are my family, and I provide what they need.  As Stan Lee of Marvel comics used to say, "Nuff Said".

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Napping Bliss

IZA:  MY chair!
All mine...


TBT:  Missing Skeeter on his Bridge Day...

Monday, December 09, 2019

Womancat Monday

AYLA:  Dad put a top on the chair I've been liking lately.  I'm not sure why, but I like it a lot.  Cave-ish...
And with a bloo towel...  WOW!

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA: See my ears?  Now see TBTs slippers?  THATS what I wish my ears were like! 
I would hear evry mousie in the yard from the deck and just go grab one!   Better than that canned stuff!

But I dont, so I'm waiting for dinner.  And it is raining, so hunting isnt allus fun.  I think its Toona.  Well, that's not bad...

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  I dont allus sleep ON the pillow. Sometime butt contact is good too.
What?  You don't like a comfy butt?
OK, Head on pillow...
Traditional is good too.

And besides, under that piece of plywood, there are plastic placemats that aren't flat.  So, I'm helping to flatten them!  I do my part to help around here.

On another note:  We got our cards sent out today.   It was interesting.  We discussed some themes with TBT and some parts of what we wanted the cards to say.  After that, it was up to him.   Its not like we can manage Excel and Word, after all.  The blog, yeah the other puter stuff, no... 

He did print out 3 versions of the cards and set them out for us to examine.  Marley and I laid paws on the same one.  Ayla put paws on 2 but one was the same as ours, so TBT considered it sort of unanimous.  Mostly, it was the color of the tree.  Ayla loves bloo, but green seemed more seasonal.

We had already received a couple, so we knew we needed to get going.  TBT did most of the administrative work like folding the cards and addressing (as is entirely proper).  Can you imagine US  wetting our paws to seal the envelopes?   And the stamps stick to our paws annyway.

But all went well, and we even watched the mail truck staff pick them up from the front window. 

Now we have to make sure Dad does the family cards tomorrow...

Friday, December 06, 2019

Flashback Friday

This was from November 2009.  LC was curled up on the easy chair.
But the important thing here was the furniture.  I bought a matching set of sofa, loveseat, and easy chair with my first promotion salary in 1978.  The fabric was impervious to cat claws (the salesman stabbed it with a pen and brushed it back to show off).  I loved it for years.  But I eventually donated the sofa and loveseat to Goodwill.

The reason I mention this is because the fabric was randomly placed on each piece and I had pictures (long gone now).  Several weeks later, there was an article in The Washington Post newspaper about how charities helped people needing furniture.

It was my furniture!  There was no question about it.  The patterns matched precisely.  The Mother and kids were so thrilled to have nice furniture in their subsidized apartment.

I donate useful things when I can.  I have regular charitable donations from my retirement annuity.  But you almost never get to see who gets things or what it means to them.

So this picture represents both LC in her last few months happily napping, and what donations can mean..

Consider this a late post for "Giving Day"...

Thursday, December 05, 2019

As Seen On TV

Have any of you kitties tried that new thing PopNPlay?  We have been looking at it on TV and wondering if it was anny good.

It LOOKS exciting, but TBT isn't sure. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  Doing the toesies today.
 In my sleep...
It just comes naturally.
What can I say?  TBT takes the pictures, I post about them...
Hy, it could be litterbox pics!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Tummie and Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  TBT is moving stuff around in the room.  But there is one spot he wont touch (yet). 
I love to have my toesies unner control...
My toesies...
Life is comfy...

Monday, December 02, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ya just can't beat The Lap sometimes.  I mean, the ottoman is good, and I sure like the back of the chair sometimes...
But when it comes to warm, comfy, security, love, and feeling safe from all the dangers of the world, ya just cant beat The Lap...

Sunday, December 01, 2019

BFFs Easy Like Sunday

There are times when I just have to say that TBT/Dad is the best thing in my life...
I stay as near to him as I can get almost all the time.  
Ahh, isnt he sweet with all his apey head and hardly no fur?
But (just between us) its the fingers and thumbs that really do it for me...

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY: I love The Lap, but it moves.  The chair back doesnt. 
Ya gotta like the chair for that...
This is more comfortable than it may look.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  This is not a usual flashback.  It was this week in 2011.  I was unhappy.  TBT dragged me to a strange house with lots of strangers.  He thought I was SO laid-back, I would enjoy it.  I dint.  Laid-back at home is not laid-back away.
There was a womancat who lived there and SHE was not happy I was there.  
I stayed quiet and peaceful.
She hissed.  Its not like I WANTED to invade her space.  TBT brought me there.
It was worse when he pulled me out of the PTU.  Quite frankly, I would have stayed there...  But we met.
I hid as best I could.
She even glared at TBT.  I think she knew he brought me.
But even a stranger kitty like me gets to claim a corner...
She accepted that.  I mean, fer all SHE new, I might be a new brofur!
Though she wasnt thrilled.
It was an uneasy situation.
The Beins all had a grand time eating.  I was offerred some, but I dint wanna upset the womancat by eating food in her home.
She got some turkey though. Well, it WAS her home.
 Pictures were taken all around me.
And the smells were pawesome.  Turkey, shrimps, gravy...
Just LOOK at all that stuff!
I sure did.  TBT tried ta get me ta eat.  But you dont do that when you're hiding.
And especially not when yer bein watched!   Lucy had some SERIOUS lasers.
I was glad ta get home.

THEN I ate!  We ALL did.  TBT brought home good stuff.

Thursday, November 28, 2019


We are thankful for our food.  Especially when it is unspiced turkey thigh.  With gravy (but not too much).

We are thankful for sunpuddles in the growing-colder days.

We are thankful for The Lap.

We are thankful for the heated waterbed and TBT who makes it even warmer unner the blankies.

We are thankful for our friends who like us enough to visit.

We are thankful for clean litterboxes.  And, may we say, enjoying using them immediately just "because".

We are thankful for tossed treats.  Any chase that results in great tastes is good.

We are thankful for a backyard full of mousies.  Dad is not so thankful, but does appreciate us keeping the population down.

We are thankful for toys.  We each have our favrits.

We are thankful for the Cat Blogosphere.

We are thankful for the computer that lets us tell our friends what we are doing and lets us see what they are doing.

We are even thankful for The Bridge.  Not because we want annyone to leave, but because we know that what starts must end.  And The Place Past The Bridge is where we will meet old friends, the Cats Who Came Before, and someday, Dad...  And that will mean our circle is complete.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  You don't see this often...
Me, caught on camera outside...
And you wouldnt have had I known TBT was up on the deck with the camera!
I like to sneak around the yard unseen.  
I catch more mousies then Marley realizes.  Because I only go out when he is inside. 

Marley is a good watchful pouncer.  Iza sticks her paws into holes and grabs.  I am the whisper of a shadow of a breeze...

And they wonder why Im not hungry at dinnertime sometimes, MOL!