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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Meal 'Splainin Caturday Saturday


Well, some kitties have asked about "First Breakfast" etc.  And Im the best one ta esplain cuz Im the only one NOT the cause.  Oh, and annymore who already knows should read the whole post cuz Im putting a joke toward the end (I thought it up myself)

So here's the deal.  Iza has tummy troubles from front to back.  The vet cant find a specific reason.  He has tested her bloods, her pees, her poops, and he even xrayed her once.  Its LIKE she has a slight blockage somewhere, but he cant find it.

1.  She often gags up a little foam (always at dawn) and there are never anny planty stuff.
2.  She can only eat a small amount first thing in the morning or it gets "returned".
3.  She sometimes has runnypoops at the litterbox, and it bears no relation to what food she has eaten.
4.  She doesnt seem to be eating disturbing stuff (like insects or plants).
5.  She seems fine in the afternoons and evenings  (but there have been surprises).
6.  She farts (TBT even keeps a small paper fan by the TV chair).
7.  Her weight varies between 9.8 and 10.4 pounds rather randomly.
8.  She drinks a lot of water.
9.  She will eat as much food as she can get at (even nosing into Marley's bowl unless TBT stops her).
10.  TBT smears her food around the inside edge of the bowl to slow her eating down.
11.  Marley sometimes has a morning problem too, but rarely.
12.  I always eat just as much as I need and no more.
13.  TBT is always amazed that I will walk away from "one bite left" (though he is so accurate that my portion is usually exactly what I want).
14.  MY weight is ALWAYS 6.4 pounds.  Marley's is almost always 12.5.
15.  There are sometimes treats and sometimes not and that doesn't seem to affect IZA one way or another.

That's about all we know.

SO, we get 7 small stinky goodness meals (all gluten-free etc) per day.  First and Second Breakfasts, First and Second Lunches, First and Second Dinners, and Going To Bed Snack.  Marley gets a heaping soupspoonful, Iza gets a regular spoonful at First Breakfast and like Marley's the rest of the day, and I get a regular spoonful every meal. 

THE PROMISED JOKE:  What kind of pictures do grocery store products take of themselves?  "Shelfies"...

SO, that's why we have all those meals.  If anny of the observations about Iza's troubles suggest a problem anny of you Kitties or Beins or Vets known annything about, please leave us a comment.

And of course, please leave us a comment annyway.  Sympathy is always appreciated too, MOL!


Megan said...

No wonder TBT has to stay home all day - with all those meals to prepare and clean up after, he has little time to do anything else it seems to me.

Sydney, Australia

Summer at said...

Wow, your meal times are really complicated, and Iza does have some unique and undoubtedly frustrating digestive issues. Binga, being older, has a few, and she takes a probiotic (Humarian) that seems to help. Our upstairs foster, Smokey, was having all sorts of issues that were almost instantly solved when she was switched over to an all-raw diet (either frozen, defrosted or freeze-dried raw - she gets some of each every day). She also seems to be allergic or have a sensitivity to chicken, which we've heard is not uncommon, so she never gets that.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Iza, but TBT seems to be managing it very well with lots of small meals. Eric also very often used to bring up a small quantity of foam early in the morning but was all right for the rest of the day. We never did find the cause for it.
Flynn couldn't eat any wet food that had rabbit in it. Freshly caught rabbit never caused him a problem though!

Brian said...

Sweet Iza and Sister Zoe sounds like theymhave the same eating habits. We are still giggling at your joke!!!

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Sounds like you all are getting excellent service!

The Whiskeratti said...

TBT certainly is devoted to y'all. That is a lot of work, but of course, you are worth it. PS: we love that joke!!

The Florida Furkids said...

It sounds like TBT has come up with a plan that usually works.

We're MOL @ "Shelfies"

The Florida Furkids

The Swiss Cats said...

What an organization ! It looks like TBT manages everything very well ! Purrs
Pee-Esse : great joke !

catladymac said...

My cat Oscar has a lot of the same problems Iza has and no one thing seems to be the cause or to help. He stayed at the vet's for a couple of days when we first started trying to get a handle on it and he had no problems. Same food as at home.

Sweet joke, BTW !

pilch92 said...

It is too bad that the vet couldn't figure out the problem. That is so frustrating. You are lucky kitties to have such a good Dad. That was a cute joke :) XO

The J-Cats said...

Caspurr always gobbles down his food as if he's scared someone might steal it, and that often makes him vomit. One of Us (Mummy thinks it's Trixie, but We aren't telling) sometimes vomits foam in the morning, BEFORE breakfast and usually on the stairs. Shimshi also gobbles up his food and then tries to steal effurrbody else's.
We can't think what might be the purr-oblem with Iza, except for things that are so obvious, We are sure your v-e-t has already thought of them and tested for them.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

That is a lot of issues for Iza. Good thing TBT has figured out how to deal with it.
It reminds petcretary of Minko...he did the most of his upchucking when he had an empty stomach. He was thought to have some kind of IBD or pancreatitis...except he did NOT want to eat. Iza seems voracious. Maybe its some kind of malabsorption syndrome, or chronic inflammatory digestive tract issues.

There is lots of info here: