Friday, January 18, 2019

Snowy Day, Part 3

MARLEY:  I went out the next morning after Second Breakfast and saw some birdies.  The surprise was that Ayla came out ta look around.  She almost never comes out in weerd weather.  But as ya can see, the path was completely dry, so that is probly why.
I wanted ta get to bare ground in the yard.  I could see there was some by looking over the edge of the deck.

I like ta do my business  outside sometimes, ya know?  The litter boxes were all clean and all, but real dirt is comforting.  And it isnt just me, Iza is the same way.
So I went to the stairs, where I got surprised again.  They were NOT shoveled, which made things awkward.  And ya see what I mean by Iza having the same thoughts.  There she is waiting ta see how I get down.
TBT had shoveled the stairs the first day, but as I mentioned in the earlier post, it did snow again, and TBT hadn't shoveled the stairs a 2nd time.  So, I tried walking on the skinny edge...
THAT dint werk!  And, in fact, what ya see is me trying ta walk backwards.  Not something we kitties are good at.  When ya cant see where yer paws are going, it makes ya nervous.  Well, ME annyway.
I ended up with one paw deep in the snow and (not that a mancat like me would panic), but I decided to suddenly turn and jump running for the house shaking my snowy paw all the way.  Iza ran too.

I sure hope it all goes away soon, but TBT is not too sure.  An he knows stuff.  I mean, he licked a finger and stuck it up in the air and said it was gonna get really cold again soon, so the snow might last a while.

And then that night, we heard the TV weather guessers say it was gonna get even colder for a few days.  He knew!  How does he do that?

He did promise to push the snow off the stairs tomorrow so we can get down to the bare dirt unner the deck.  Which will be nice. 


  1. Not good enough that TBT hadn't shovelled the steps for you. You might like to suggest that he lifts his game, okay? Just a quiet word. Keep it low key, as he's usually pretty good.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I do hope TBT clears off those steps for you and Iza, Marley.

  3. Wow, you kids sure do have adventures! I NEVER see snow and the mean ol Human wouldn't let me out in the street to play in it anyway.

    Hmmmm--pink sock? No, this is a little crocheted um, ::shhhhhh:: sperm thingie made by Karin Parker in Finland(N) and Mom Trish from the Katnip lounge. They is very strange ladies. Anyway, I gotted a couple and they live in a jar with Valerian so they smell VERY good.

    But there must be a pink sock sounds dimly familiar? Was it something that traveled around? DO tell!

  4. Gee! We bet that snow was cold on your paws!
    We hope TBT can clear more snow before it freezes.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. It looks like Iza had already walked to the edge to have a look before she waited for you. I hope you can get to your dirt for your business tomorrow.
    Eric and Flynn used to walk around the edge of the garden under the hedge if we had snow to keep their feet out of it, but if they heard me open the garden gate they would be out in a flash hoping for a walk around the fields.

  6. This story reminds me of long ago when Robin, who only used the outside potty areas she liked, had been crossing her legs waiting for the blizzard to end. It was the big one of 1993. She steadfastly always refused the litterbox throughout her life until at age 15, scoopabe litter came out.

    Anyway, one of her brothers went out in the 20+ inch snow with drifts, and shoved her a very narrow path to her favorite place under the oak tree where the walked narrowly over to finally get to conduct her business. She had to have been so relieved... and her brother deserved a medal for doing that for her.

  7. You need your steps cleared!!! We wouldn't' want our paws in it either.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. You kittens need some mittens!

  9. Marley, you sure are brave to stick your footie in that stuff. We would never do that!

  10. We are expecting 6 inches of that stuff tomorrow. The kitties don't mind though because they don't get to go out. :)

  11. We are finally getting some snow tonight here. Mum may actually have to shovel in the morning.

  12. I hope there was a good excuse about those steps...
    Petcretary & Pawppy clear paths into the grass for the they can do 'privacy pawlease'...sheesh, else they would have to use the sidewalk, yuck!!


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