Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Treats!

IZA:  We don't normally get bowls of crunchies, so they are like treats to us.  Well, TBT decided we could have a small bowl each a couple times a day. 
He put them into several cat-proof containers (round plastic jars with screw on tops).  Those things are EVIL!   They are too round to bite through, they dont break iffen ya shove one off the kitchen counter, and ya cant pry off the top...
At first he just gave us the empty bag to paw around and sniff.
He did toss a few on the floor...
We went at those pretty fast, so he knew we liked the taste and crunch.
And he put a whole handful on the floor at once.  We havent seen that many crunchies at once in a long time.

But then we were left with the bag again.
Ya can see that I knew we were bein played for kittens!
But the smell in the bag kept drawing me back to it annyway...
That was actually a few days ago.  But rest assured that we have been getting our couple of small bowls of them each day...


  1. You kitties need to come here and reteach Pipo how to eat...you sure go at it with great gusto!

    Pipo did eat a wee bit on his own today, Hooray!

  2. The problem as I see it is what you're going to call these new meals. You've already got 1st and 2nd breakfast and 1st and 2nd lunch and morning and afternoon tea. So, are these treats gonna be early afternoon tea and, say, midnight snack?

    Good grief.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I HATE when da treats get moved into containers I can't open!

  4. Yay for treays!! We always look forward to them too.
    Those ones look pretty interesting and we guess just as tasty!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. How fun that you got some crunchy treats!

  6. Those treats sound very tasty, and must be good for you to find the empty bag so enticing.

  7. TBT is really making you guys work for those crunchies.

  8. I love that glare you are giving him.

  9. Those look yummy! Mudpie would starve without her crunchies :)

  10. Hooray for your new yummy treats!

  11. I LOVE that face as realization comes upon you. Yes, our pawrents play us for kittens but if we cooperate..we get treats!!


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