Friday, April 26, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  Today we are going back to this week in 2011.  I was still new here, but I was fitting in well.  And because of that, the Sisfurs were getting along very well.

We shared the cat trees...
We napped together...
We REALLY napped together!
I looked at TBT and said it was a good decision.
He may have found me (with help), but I approved of him, too, at my temporary Bein's home and that was impawtant.

Speaking of that day...  I heard a stranger come into the house and when the Lady called me, I came down the stairs halfway and looked at TBT.  He sat down on the floor and called my name.  I went the rest of the way down and crawled right onto his lap.  TBT was pleased and the Lady was relieved...  Well, I could tell right away he was the right Bein for me!


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