Saturday, April 27, 2019

World Veterinary Day

Today is World Veterinary Day and we are honoring it by writing about ours.

When TBT moved here in 1986, he brought a womancat named Tinkerbelle with him.  He had not been all that great about regular vet visits before (but always kept any cat up-to-date on rabies shots), so one of the first things he did was find a regular vet.  At the time, the only nearby vet was Dr Jeffrey. 

So he arranged an appointment.  TBT didnt know about shots other than rabies.  So after a thorough exam, Dr Jeffrey recommended several other shots and a tooth removal.  TBT had just moved and was BROKE, but he agreed.  We mean, "inexperienced and broke" doesnt mean  "stupid".  He recognized that we cats need more attention than just rabies shots.

It was the beginning of a very positive 32 year relationship.  Dr Jeffrey took good care of Tinkerbelle, then Skeeter and LC, and then US.  TBT always did whatever Dr Jeffrey recommended. 

Well, he did have a habit of getting cats out of PTUs by turning them up and shaking the cat out; TBT cured him of THAT on Tinkerbelle's first visit REAL fast!  Seriously, HE showed the VET how to get us out easily.  Have one Bein hold the PTU and another (TBT in the first time) clasping our haunches and sliding us out backwards.  WAY less stressful...

But after that, it was a great relationship.  Dr Jeffrey was friendly, loved cats, and was always happy to explain things to TBT.  Dr Jeffrey found out why LC was getting her eyelids stuck shut when she was a kitten (it was an ear mite infection that caused eye goop that dried when she napped).  Dr Jeffrey is the one who finally got Ayla spayed properly after the breeder's vet botched it twice.  Dr Jeffrey shared some tears with TBT when Skeeter had to be helped to the Bridge.  Dr Jeffrey tried to save LC when she suddenly went comatose (cause unknown) and personally called TBT to say he had failed.

Dr Jeffrey is going to be missed...

At our recent annual visit, Dr Jeffrey said he was retiring in May.  He had moved his practice to another vet in town the year before, so his patients would get used to other vets.

TBT was sad about that, but had been expecting it for a couple years.  Still, he was sad to have it become official.  We will miss Dr Jeffrey too.  Its not like we enjoyed the visits, but we guess it is worth it to spend more time here with TBT and our house and yard.

Here are some pictures...

Ayla would not be going into heat again, finally!
Clippy claws...
Calming a patient...
Talking to Marley before the shots...
Listening to Marley;'s heartbeat...

TBT is going to call the vet office this week to see if there is a retirement party for Dr Jeffrey.  We hope there is.  WE wont attend because if pets are allowed, there would be SO MANY we would get all stressed and upset.  But TBT would go to represent us all (past and present)...

So here is to vets all over the world who do their best to keep us in good health (even if we dont like all the shots and stuff).  Without THEM, we would be leaving our Forever Homes too soon, in less peace and calm, and sometimes in great discomfort.

We never thought we might say this, but...



We wish Dr Jeffrey a long and happy retirement...


  1. Hear hear. A good vet is worth their weight in gold. Not only do they provide effective management of your health, they also have the skill to help the beins with their anxiety and stress when their cat is unwell. That is so important. A bein with an ill cat isn't much good to anyone.

    Disappointing to hear that Dr Jeffrey is retiring but I hope he enjoys the next phase of his life.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We might not always like our vet visits, but they're worth it. Hope your new vet are just as pawsome as Dr. Jeffrey.

  3. It's so awesome when you find a great vet... but it's also so sad when they retire.

  4. While we are not crazy about going to the Vet, we are happy with our current one. she is not far from where we live and mum can walk there.
    We agree that good vets can be hard to find. We purr your new Vet will be good to you as well.
    Happy Retirement Dr Jeffrey!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. What a wonderful post for your vet ! It's pawsome that TBT found such a great vet for you ! We understand well your sadness about his soon retirement, but we hope the amazing Dr. Jeffrey found another great vet to take good care of you all after him. Purrs

  6. I know you will miss your special Vet and we hope he has a happy retirement!

  7. A good vet is priceless. PS top loading carriers are amazing.

  8. Life is good with a good Vet!

  9. The humans and the vets learn together and the animals teach us as the years go by. A good vet is certainly worth his/her weight in gold !

  10. Dr. Jeffrey sounds like a great vet. You were lucky to have him. We wish him much happiness in his retirement. :)

  11. How blessed you have been to have the same vet for so long and such an excellent one.

  12. I am happy for all of your cats thru the years and for you.

  13. We totally agree! Finding a great vet can be difficult and it's always hard when they leave (for whatever reason). We hope your new vet meets all of your expectations.

  14. Dr.Jeffrey sounds like a great vet and I hope he has a long and happy retirement.
    Our vet was also very good and caring. It makes everything so much better when you can find a vet you really like and trust.
    I have been on holiday for 2 weeks so not been commenting. As I have well over 750 posts in my reader I can't hope to catch up and will comment on the last 2 posts of my favourite blogs while keeping up (hopefully) with new comments.

  15. Your vet is an angel in human form - right?


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