Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

AYLA:  Iza is seriously nappin, so I'm gonna do the Garden Tour today (yes it is a day late - we've be BUSY).
I walk the deck rails a lot, watching outside the yard.  No Vishus Deer are gonna sneak in while *I* am around!
Those plants below me are star-gazer lilies.  There are getting ready ta bloom, and there are LOTS of them in that planter.  They been coming up for 10 years now, so we dont mess with them except fer adding slow-release organic fertilizer in Spring and Fall.

First, I really want to show the pond lilly!  
Here it is in "the whole pond".
The Coreopsis Moonglow is starting to bloom.  That pot is older than me and keeps blooming.
This pot of Stargazer Lilies is almost as old and keeps booming.  Apparently, some slow release organic fertilizer a couple times a year keeps them happy.  If *I* was fed only 2x a year I WOULNT be happy.  But they are plants ...
The first of the Stella D'Oro lillies are blooming.  They will do that several times all Summer, so they are good.
The Pansies are getting to their best bloom.  They started out slow last Fall, but are doing well. The picture is not flaterring...
On the odd side, TBT has garlic growing.  8 bulbs will last him most of a year.  I cant say I blame him.  Purrsonally, I think the stuff smells terrible!
The Venus Fly Traps are growing well after being dormant in the car place all Winter.  TBT feeds them annoying large ants that come in the house, but they catch some bugs on their own.  
I am pleased to show off the deck pots TBT planted a few days ago.  I was amazed ta watch as he dumped all the old soil into a big container, mix fertilizer in it and refilled the pots and then stuck flowers in them.  Lots of werk.  These are all marigolds that will grow Very Big.
And these are ones all planted the same.  Past years, he made them all a bit different.  This year, he went for "same".  Each one has a medium Marigold at the center and 3 each Celosia and Zinnias around it.   We are thinking they will look nice in a month.
Look close to see the plants...
We got our first meadow bed flowers now.  And buds waiting to open.
This is called 'Goatsbeard".  I've never seen a goat, so I dont know why.  But it IS an unusual small shrub and doesnt need anny attention.  It just grows year after year.
The vegable garden is doing good.  WE dont care about it, but TBT eats that stuff.  These are flat italian pole beans.
The peas are growing crazy this year.  
There are lots of peas in those um, pods.  TBT takes the peas out and stir fries the shells.
The tomatoes are growing.  They doubled in size from 2 weeks ago, so I assume they are happy.
Well, that was a long tour.  Let's go up on the shady deck and have some snacks and make jokes about our Beins!  I brought out some hard chickeny crunchies, some soft chewy salmon ones, and we have Niptinis.  We will get fancier later.

Thanks for coming on our Garden Tour...

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Been Gone

We been gone a few days, and Monday didn't really count.  We are all fine.  The camera is been weerd.  It shuts off randomly.  So we couldnt get anny good pictures.  And TBT has been gettin up late, then werking outside, so by the time he makes his dinner (WE allus get fed properly, of course) and relaxes a bit, it has been time for beddy.

WE never object ta beddy-time, but we need his assistance ta post an he wasnt doing that.  But we are back on schedule, so new post tomorrow.  TBT got used to the camera shutting off oddly, so we have new pictures.  We expect a new camera will arrive soon...

Monday, May 27, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I'm feeling lazy today.  So here is my first day here...

Yikes, new place!
Lookin around carefully...
Seems OK.
I'll look around this room.
Hmmm, other cats!
And TBT kinda used himself up at his own blog.   

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Summer Is Here

We dont care WHAT the calendar says, its SUMMER!.  We know, cuz the weerd bugs are around...
We dont even want ta PLAY with that thing...

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thankful Thursday On Friday

IZA:  Well, we meant ta do a Thankful Thursday yesserday and we didnt quite manage it.  So we are doing it today.  Its because we WON A PRIZE!  Yes, 15&Meowing had a Star Wars Giveaway and WE won. 

There was a Star Wars ships mat.  And it was bloo and tan, which are good colors fer me.
I immediately scrunched it up and bunny-kicked it.  
What?  Isnt that how a Space Warp werks?  Well, annyway, it had some enemy ships on it that needed ta be destroyed.
There are also some Star Wars Mouse Troopers!
The Darth Vader Helmet is inneresting...
Ayla was attracted ta THAT!  She likes to pertend ta be Darth Vader sometimes.
We think TBT can have the key-holder.  We can hardly even lift it!  He thinks it should hold a machine key.
Marley liked the mat, too.  An he agreed it was a Space Warp!
Thank you so much 15&Meowing!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  WHOA!  The house is tilted...
TBT said it was because I am so fat!  Hardy-Har-Har...  Well, HE was on that side too and he weighs 17 times of ME so I thought I had him.  But he said HIS weight is built into the house.  Drat!

So he artificially tilted the pictures straight.  So there we all were sitten around waiting ta go out.  We had ta wait cuz he was gonna mow the lawn and none of us wanna be out in THAT noise.
So he is out there choppin the grass, and we are sittin around...
And the mower died, so the lawn looks weird.  We got out after that.  It was a nice day.  Quiet... 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

IZA: Twofer Tuesday is for Marley and ME this time.  After Moo Cow left, TBT kept the hut she used as a barn set up (and cleaned the used straw out) and we both enjoyed it.  Marley "hung out" fer awhile.
I really got into it and napped there several times.
So its a cat house now, not a barn, OK?
But after a few days, we both stopped napping in it and TBT folded it up and put it away.  It was the novelty of the thing that attracted us, but that wore off fast...

Monday, May 20, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  TBT and I both had busy days, so we are relaxing now.   I must have had a busier day though, cause he is awake and *I* need a nap.
Well, OK...  I allus need a nap!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Heaty Mats are all very fine, but on a hot day like it is here today cool wood feels a lot better! 
The cement floor of the shady basement is even cooler, but Ive learned that if I nap on that, it is SO cool that I wake up all stiff and my pawpads are grumpy...

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Crockett In Memorium

There once was a cat named Crockett
Who ran around like a rocket.
His tongue, it is said
Was Raspberry red
And nokitty ever dared knock it.

The gist of the boy was not red.
He was orange from tail to his head.
And his tongue, it would seem
Was a big deal to him,
And we have to admit we sure likedit!

Fare thee well Crockett.  We will all miss you so much.  But we know that there are many of your orange brothers who are showing you the peace and joy beyond the Bridge.  Our own Orange Mancat Skeeter received a message from us that you were coming and we understand that he was merely one in a long line of orange Brothers waiting  to guide you to a new existence.

We know it was too soon, but love is quality, not quantity.  Our purrs to The Ones You Left Behind...

Friday, May 17, 2019

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  I caught a BLOOJAY this day in 2009!
It was pretty FIERCE and I was even smaller than now....
I had some problems with it!
But I was persistent.
Actually, I wanted some help...
But it was just LC and ME outside then, and she wasn't helpful.  She always liked catching frogs better.
Aw c'mon, somekitty.  This thing was BIG!
But I werked it and danced it.
And eventually, it gave up.
I did my dance...
Wasnt I amazing?
And then I did The Bitey.
Finally, I had it for myself.   I wasnt sure what ta do with it though.
It was QUITE an adventure.  
Well, I wasnt even 2 yet...  So I brought it to TBT.  He saved the fevvers.