Thursday, May 30, 2019

Been Gone

We been gone a few days, and Monday didn't really count.  We are all fine.  The camera is been weerd.  It shuts off randomly.  So we couldnt get anny good pictures.  And TBT has been gettin up late, then werking outside, so by the time he makes his dinner (WE allus get fed properly, of course) and relaxes a bit, it has been time for beddy.

WE never object ta beddy-time, but we need his assistance ta post an he wasnt doing that.  But we are back on schedule, so new post tomorrow.  TBT got used to the camera shutting off oddly, so we have new pictures.  We expect a new camera will arrive soon...


  1. I was wondering what was happening with you guys. Glad that things weren't too bad! Mind you, it is disappointing to hear that TBT's priorities have got out of alignment: sleeping in and outdoors work rating more highly than helping you with your blog? Not on!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Seems that our petcretary has similar excuse, though thankfully not about the camera having issues...though cause she is using a camera not 'paired' with the computer, it takes ages and lots of jumping through hoops to get any available to easily post.

    But hey, you *are* getting your noms in proper time!

  3. Good to hear you are all oK and that the camera was the problem(not to mention TBT being busy outside)We look forward to seeing you three again soon :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. I'm glad y'all are okay and prepare yourself for gardening and the new camera!

  5. It’s a busy time of we understand. Hope you can get the camera thing worked out.


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