Sunday, June 23, 2019

Easy Like Sunday, Sort Of

IZA:  Yeah we do the lap pics a lot.
But sometimes it is all Dad can manage.
When we are outside, we like ta go stand on his feet, and we are pretty sure you don't want ta see our backs...
Besides, all the action is on The Lap.
Like, here is me in "thinking pose".  I want to annoy Ayla, but that would mean giving Marley The Lap and I sure don't wanna do THAT!   Life is difficult sometimes.  I mean, jumping at Ayla would be very satisfying, but getting Marley off The Lap can be difficult.  He can settle in very well.  And quite frankly, he is larger than I am.
Just look at him looking for an inch of space...
I spend a lot of time defending The Lap...


  1. Geez Iza - you sure do have it tough. What a dilemma - whap Ayla or defend The Lap? Count yourself lucky that Marley is an easy going sort of chap who doesn't push you off The Lap!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Sometimes its kind of fun to have your cake and to be able to eat it too...on the other paw, Hmmm, you have to decide where your bread is buttered the best:)

    I think the lap will win!

  3. To whap or to lap, that are the question.

  4. At least you guys ARE lap cats - none of us are here.

  5. I would stick with The Lap Iza. If you really must whap Ayla you can always do that later.

  6. Eric and Flynn are right. You can whap Ayla any ol' time.

  7. The lap is the place to be! Enjoy your easy.

  8. What sweet lap cats - MOL! Your Dad is lucky, not everyone gets a pile up on a regular basis.

  9. Lap love is just the best!

  10. Those are tough choices. I would think the lap is more important. You can annoy Ayla any time :)

  11. The only lap cat in our house is Julie and that is fine by her.
    She would also defend the lap and not let the others on if they wanted ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ


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