Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Garden Tour

AYLA:  I'm doin The Garden Tour again this week.  Iza an I tossed toy mousies and MINE went higher...

So first, note the nice white hydrangeas behind me.  That's why Im starting here.  And while we start on the deck, we will end here too.

So lets go down and take a look at what there is to see!

First is the best flower Ive ever seen.  TBT says it is a Cleome.  Notice that it is about 3' tall too.  Dad says it self-sows, so we are hoping for more of them next year.  Who wouldnt?
The daylilies of better colors are starting ta bloom.  Like I said last week, they will be moved to the front yard this Fall.  We never touch them, but he says better to remove risks.

So after the Yellows of last week, now there are corals...
Hmmm, maybe THIS is coral...
The purple coneflowers are back again.   There are fewer this year, but Dad says he could divide them and move some around...
The volunteers actually have better color.  Should I tell Dad to divide these instead?
The "Leftover" bed is starting to grow.  They were tall but in little tiny growing celpots, so if they got THIS big in those, they are pretty hardy.  I can't wait to see them in a month!
The Stokes Asters are still blooming (they are my favorite flower).  Well, so are the coneflowers, but dont tell either of them that!
Here is a longer view of the daylilies...  Lots of yellows.
But some of the others are good.  In fact Dad says he should put bamboo stakes with labels in the better colors and use them in the front yard...  
 The hydrangeas are looking purrfectly white...
So let's go back up on the deck to get a better view.   The daylillies look good.  Dad has to mow the weeds and cover the area.  You might not see it, but trust me that there is a NIP plant between every daylily.  We always go for the NIP.
Now, back up on the deck, the Coreopsis Moonbeams are doing well.  They are older than me.

Now lets see what Marley has chosen for snacks...

Ooh, the last of the crunchy Roo treats, some Rabbit Stinky Goodness, some cheese bits (for those who dont have problems with it), and NIPTINIS!  And rainwater, of course...

Thank you all for coming along on our Garden Tour this week!!!


  1. Love the hydrangeas, Ayla!

    Sydney, Australia

    PS. The vegetable garden next Thursday? Please??

  2. Those really are very pretty flowers!

  3. You have lots of nice blooms this year!

  4. Ayla, everybody,Mom and I had THE best time! It was super seeing you out there conducting the tour and telling us what was what. Your dad has one of THE best gardens mom and I have seen and we can appreciate every bit of the work that went into it.

  5. The garden is looking good. I love all those different coloured Day Lilies.

  6. Pretty flowers! But nip are da best of all!


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