Thursday, June 27, 2019

Veggies In The Garden.

We didn't show these before because they weren't very impressive.   But Miss Megan asked twice, so here is what we have...

 First, we had the Summer Squash unner the covers with the broccoli so the cabbage moths couldn/t get at them.  Of course, when the squash flowers opened, TBT had ta let pollinating bugs get at the flowers.
The tomatoes are doing well.  They are all growing fast. but no fruits yet.
The good news is no sign of diseases.  And these are all heirloom varieties.  Dad says the hybrids aren't worth eating after you have tasted a real heirloom tomato.
He uncovered the squash, but kept the boccolis safe from the bugs.
The Italian Flat Pole Beans have been growing great.  You can't see the beans from here cuz TBT just picked them.  They are like 8" long and flat, and taste better than regular pole beans.  He gets a whole bowl of them every 3 days all Summer long.
We also have cherry tomatoes.  You can't see them.,but there are tiny fruits starting.
Actually, he has 2 cherry tomato plants and is looking to see where they grow best.  
The bi-color corn is growing well.  Dad likes those better than all white or all yellow.  They are growing in blocks of 9 planted 2 weeks apart.  He pollinates them by paintbrush because there are so few corns at a time.  The later plants mean long Summer of them all spread out 2 months.
This is a bad picture of a few of the cherry tomatoes growing.  But it does show there are some.  Dad has a new camera and the macro setting eludes him so far.  
He will figure it out eventually...


  1. We are so impressed with your Dad's veggie garden!!! He takes such great care of it.

  2. We're pretty impressed, our veggies come in a grocery bag!

  3. WooooooooooooooooooW fresh tomatoes...I'm so jealous.
    I can almost taste a delicious BLT
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Petcretary only grows some tomatoes and peppers along with various herbs...too much of black thumbs and the fight against all the nasty bugs, YUCK!

    Your veggie garden looks yummy! At least the thoughts of things to come are yummy, MOL!

  5. Your dad has a good selection of veggies. I used to grow a lot of different things but just stick to tomatoes and strawberries now.

  6. Your Dad has a green thumb :) Glad everything is doing so well.

  7. Yaaaay. Thank you for taking the time to take these pics and share them with us. I finding TBT's veggie-growing efforts inspiring.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Thank cod you didn't show us any PEAS.

  9. Mum loves veggies! She especially loves fresh ones. Us...not so much.
    If it keeps the peeps happy though, it's OK ;) MOL!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  10. I can definitely appreciate this as I've been eating a salad a day for weeks. Not a diet. I just love vegetables. But I don't have the patience or know how to even attempt a garden like this.

  11. Momma says heirloom tomatoes are the tastiest!


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