Friday, August 23, 2019

Flashback Friday

TBT here:  This week in 2009, it was LC, Ayla and Iza.  It was just the girls then.  I'll just show them.  Skeeter had left and Marley wasn't here yet. 

So there they were.  I forgot how old the food bowls are.  Have I really been washing those same bowls for 10+ years?
LC never quite understood how very beautiful she was.  She was totally oriented to Skeeter.  
 She did have favorite toys,  these softie mice,
 She was open to larger toys...
But she mainly loved the loved the chairs she shared with Skeeter..    LC got her name from Little Cow.  The Vet called her  LC for "Lucky Cat" . Because she was so infested with ear mites when I got her  that her eyes stuck shut until i came home the third day and saw her bumping into furniture seeking the food bowl...  And Skeeter nudged her around to the food.  She went to Dr Jeffrey the next morning.  I just thout her ears were black,  Stupid...  
LC wasn't the most attached cat to me,  but she was A Good Cat .  To her last day, she always used the litter box properly, ate whatever food I set down, and purred on the bed near me. 
She missed Skeeter so much.  A few months after Skeeter left us, she came up on my lap for the first time.  She would always snuggle with Skeeter before.  It was precious, but not long enough,  she went to join Skeeter after 13 months.  


  1. I'm so glad you shared a little bit about LC with us. I'm only 5, so I never got to know her.

  2. That was a really nice flashback post, we enjoyed it.

  3. LC was a lovely lady cat and looked a lot bigger than Ayla. It was nice to see a post about her.
    I don't think I discovered your blog until Marley arrived.

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories of sweet LC.

  5. She was a beautiful girl. We don't think we ever knew LC stood for Little Cow--how sweet.

  6. Mum says she remembers Skeeter and LC.


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