Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Not Good Tuesday

IZA:  I cant belief it.   Dad is going ta bring me to the NEW vet (Dr Jeffrey retired 3 moons ago) and not fer an annual visit either.  Well, not today, but soon.

So what if my poops are like "pudding"  So What if I return my first meal to the floor sometimes?  So what iffen  I hack up white foam every morning?  Who doesn't?

TBT:  Iza, most cats DON'T.  Ayla and Marley don't.  Neither do your friends (mostly).

IZA:  They don't?

TBT:  No.  You have a problem, Iza, and maybe now that Dr Jeffery has retired, we should take a new look at it.  Just because Dr Jeffrey couldn't find the problem doesn't mean a new vet can't.  Wouldn't you like to eat and keep your food down in the morning?

IZA:  Well, yeah, I guess...

DAD MODE (I'm still trying to get used to this):  So understand, Iza, it is going be an annoying visit.    The new vet is going to stab you a couple times, invade your nether parts and "maybe" do some other annoying stuff I don't even know about.  But she really cares about kitties and wants to figure out how to make you happier!

IZA:  "Happier"?

DAD:  Well, do you LIKE horking up foam every morning?

IZA:  Well no.

DAD:  So let's give the new vet a chance to make you feel better, OK?

IZA:  You gotta be kidding me, right?  New vet, new place, stabbies,  thermometer up the wazoo, and maybe more and you think I'll be "happy".

DAD:  Its worse.  It's a "maybe".  But you remember when Ayla had her 3rd spay operation and that was a "maybe" and it worked?  This is a "maybe".

IZA:  Dang...

Im NOT happy about this Dad...
DAD: Hope and trust Iza,  Have I ever done you wrong?

IZA:    You stepped on my paw in the kitchen last week...

DAD:   You snuck up behind me. But I AM sorry.  And I let you stay on my lap for an hour after.  And I stroked you until you fell asleep.

IZA:  OK, OK, newlady vet huh?

TBT:   I've written an outline of Iza's "intake and output" problems to bring to the new vet later today.  I want her to read it first and consider the entirety of the problems before I just drop Iza on her and explain them verbally. 

Doctors sometimes don't listen very well (or sometimes all they know is what the receptionist writes down), and these are problems a vet can't discover just by an exam.  And having a written list of problems might help in a diagnosis. 

For example, are Iza's stools soft because she drinks so much water and why is she drinking so much water anyway (she always has, it's not new).  I tried an anti-diarheal and if anything, her stools are worse. 

And what's with the white foam most mornings at dawn?  That almost sounds like me when I had acid reflux problems the last 10 working years (stopped completely a few months after I retired).  But I can't think of any stress Iza has.

So she regurgitates good high-quality food of various meats, drinks a LOT of water, poops pudding,  and horks foam in the morning.  She has always seemed to have a swollen stomach, but past x-rays have shown no blockage or twisted intestine.  Dr Miller could never find a cause. 

Its time to have someone new look at the problems...


  1. 'Twill be interesting to hear what the new vet says. Please keep us posted.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I will be purring for a good answer and solution.

    Iza, I was vomiting up foamy junk too, as also was Minko way back when he was still here and undiagnosed...Minko took famitodine and also prilosec in kitty doses which helped a lot.
    I take prilosec too, and at once a day its nt that bad...1/4 of an adult tablet.

    But give a new vet a good hiss or two to let her know who is hte boss, OK?? MOL!

  3. Please keep us posted - these are all definitely issues that need to be looked at. I really hope the vet can figure out what's going on, and suggest a treatment. In the meantime, I'm sending lots of purrs to Iza.

  4. I agree, it doesn't matter how good your previous vet was, sometimes it takes a new pair of eyes and a different outlook to find the problem.
    I hope she can find what is causing it and the solution.

  5. Hope the new vet can figure it all out.

  6. Soft purrs for sweet Iza and hoping the Dr Purrson can figure out what is going on ...
    updates please.

  7. Purring the new vet can find out what the problem is. Good luck sweetie!

  8. We hope whatever is going on can be treated easily.

  9. Purrs and prayers from all of us dear Iza, we hope the new Vet figures it all out for you.

  10. FWIW, when our Benny's thyroid levels are off (he's hyper), he will often puke clear foam. Just something to ask the vet about.

  11. We are purring and praying the new vet has some answers for your Dad and that she can help you, Iza. Keep us updated.
    Grady Lewis and Mom Joan

  12. I will be praying for sweet Iza. I am glad you are looking further into it, maybe a new vet will have some other ideas. XO

  13. Come to bring Healing Pawkisses to feel better soon๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  14. We are sending purrayersd and POTP for Iza and the new vet. One of us has had problems for years and nothing has helped, and he is a bear to medicate and a fussy eater so we know it is hard on TBT and the rest of the household !

  15. Mega purrs for you, Iza. Your dad is doing what's best for you.

  16. Oh Iza we are sorry you have this problem.
    Our Georgia tends toward the opposite.She gets bunged up and needs the enema route :/ She also drinks water well.
    We really purr the new Vet will have a new outlook and some good ideas to help you feel better.
    Sending lots of POTP!!!!!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  17. Iza, that pudding poop may just need a probiotic. I am going to my new vet at noon tomorrow. We can let one anther know how we are. Mom and I will be thinking of you.

  18. Purrs purrs purrs. All paws are crossed and we wait eagerly to hear what the new vet person says. We all want less foamy yak.

  19. Purrs and prayers beautiful Iza has a good Vet visit and starts feeling better asap=we hope there is an easy solution...XO...J, Halle, Sukki

  20. Good luck with the new v-e-t, Iza. We hope she gets to the root of the problem and that it can be fixed and isn't anything serious. Purrs and POTP to you.

  21. I really hope this new vet finds a solution for this. Poor Iza! And you are so right, vets are usually very rushed and aren't so great at taking the time to really dig into mysteries. I haven't found mine to be all that helpful past the routine issues.

  22. Sending LOTS of purrs and hopes that a new vet will have the answer! Sweet Iza, we'll think good things about you all day!

  23. We'll be purring and praying for a good answer for Iza.

    The Florida Furkids

  24. Iza-Lambie: OH NOES! Not, not . . . non the Stabby Place??? My poor little darlingest girl! *I* frows up sometimes, too, especially when it is hot. But I guess it would be nice NOT to frow up, especially if it is every morning.

    So I hope TSP* is not toooooooo bad and you get lots and lots of good treats and snuggles when you get home again. I will come over tonight to lay my head upon your silken tum and soothe you! XOXOXOX Spittikins


  25. Iza (and TBT!), we are sending you lots and lots of purrs and prayers! Going to the dreaded V-E-T might not be fun, but it really is for your own good. You're in our thoughts.

  26. We sure send lots of purrs and good thoughts to Iza. We so hope the new vet can help you out. We also all have our paws crossed for you.

  27. sending purrs and prayers for Iza xoxo

  28. Drinking a good amount of water is always a good thing with a cat. Some of us here do that white froth upchuck but only now and again and usually a different cat each time which is why I really have no idea how often. Just that it happens. We wish Iza an answer to her problems and if no clear answer at least a treatment for symptoms that works.


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