Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our home.
For the time together,
And the time we spend alone.

We are thankful for the food we eat,
Stinky Goodness in the house,
And outside caught with teeth and feet.

We are thankful for the softness
Of the pillows, towels and blankies
And of Dad's so warm of lapness.

We are thankful for the toys
Reminding us of mice outside
That rattle, move, or make some noise.

We are thankful for the Vet.
He keeps us healthy, helps us thrive.
But we wont tell him that quite yet.

We are thankful for our Dad.
He organizes home and life.
And we and he are all quite glad.

But mostly thankful for each other.
As cats, we unnerstand each other best.
In spite of having diffrent Mothers,
We all are Famly, tail to breast,
In spite of spats, to one another.
We love our Bein Dad, of course,
But just does not know
How to lick our furs in place
Or how to sniff back low.

And so we want to mention here
A birfday coming up for Marley,
Reaching Nine this very year
Tomorrow.  Give a head-bump
To him then and wish him happiness unendly.

There will be games, and treats and toys,
Bags and boxes.  And dont be coy.
We have a special game in mind
Mostly of the mousie kind.

The meadow garden did not bloom,
All mostly weeds and wild strawberries.
But what it also grew, we found,
Was families of mice profound.

More than we need, so we invite,
All outside kitties for a chance.
To show their skills and perchance
Reduce the local population
Of the source of yard affliction.

And we will add, it may seem funny,
But Marley chased a youthful bunny
Out of the Meadow Bed
It ran to brambles so it lived.

But where theres one, theres 2 or 3
Or 3 or 4 or 4 or 3.
There might be 5 we are not sure.
But if they're 5, they may be more.

We outside cats (well sometimes so)
Can try to find em
And those that caught em
Can sure dine gladly upon them.

And with bunnies caught and et,
We'll catch some mousies for to bring
Alive inside for those who get
Not to experience the thrill of
outside life and yet
Would love to sniff and smell
The fur and breathe and rub
Of mousies collected in the bathtub!

Come one, come all!

And of course, hunting is not required.  Bags and boxes will be all around the house.  TBT will have treats and toys in his pocket to toss around randomly.  And we are sure all will have a great time.

So come and join us for Marley's 9th Glorious Birfday tomorrow!


  1. NINE? Are you absolutely sure that he is that old? It doesn't seem all that long ago that TBT brought him home, and I think he was only 1 at the time.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Megan, Marley was born on August 16, 2010 according to the adoption papers from the shelter. He was definitely still kittenish when I got him in January 2011 from the lady who discovered she was allergic to cats (Marley was a Christmas gift to her). Counting on my fingers to be sure of no error, he is 9 tomorrow. ;)

  3. I'd LUV to hunt mousies - all I ever get to hunt is the occasional lizard or bug that get inside.

    Happy birthday Marley!

  4. That's an awesome poem. And I'll be back for the birthday tomorrow too.

  5. That was totally thankful terrific and we'll sure be here tomorrow!

  6. What a beautiful poem! Sounds like the summer is being good to all. Early Happy Birthday to Marley!

  7. What a beautiful poem ! We'll be here tomorrow ! Purrs

  8. Great poem! And I wouldn't miss Marley's birthday for anything.

  9. Love the poem. Happy early birthday to Marley. If you have a photo you'd like us to post on the CB about Marley's BD, please send it to and we'll post it.

  10. What a pawsome thankful poem.

  11. He surely can’t be nine for about 5 more years! If he is really that old, and Iza and Ayla are older, does that mean you will be looking for a new kitten to lighten up, refresh and energize those three to keep the oldster kitties happy? Or maybe it will just annoy them? Hee, Hee!!
    We love you guys and stay as young as you can and for as long as you can before new youngsters come in to take over your positions there!
    Loves, Patzy

  12. Have a great birthday and we SO enjoyed the pome!

  13. That was a great poem of thanks!
    As it is now the 16th, happy birthday Marley!
    I will be back later for your birthday post, but I am a day late as I was celebrating my own birthday on the 15th. I am rather more than your 9 years though. Multiply by 7.5 and you will be about right!


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