Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

AYLA:  I caught a mousie!  I don't do that very often.  I stay on the deck a lot.  But I was around the meadow bed and heard one, so I pounced it.  Well, my slender frame helps.  I don't rustle the plants like Pudgy Iza does.

But best of all, I got it INSIDE the house!  It's a rule here that iffen ya can get a mousie into the house, ya score EXTRA points.  Iza tried ta claim it (she wants some points), but while Dad dint see that I had it when I rushed inside, he DID see me drop it in the kitchen. 
He even let me carry it around for a bit.  Even onto the watery bed!  He is properly unsuemish about such things.    He even tossed it around for me.

Sadly, it was all deaded by then...
So why is it Twofer Tuesday?  Not because Iza is in the picture with me.  Or even because Mousie and Me are "two".

It's because I actually caught 2 mousies!
I've still "got it"...


  1. Wow, Ayla! You are prow for sure! You must have scored a whole lot of points:)

    Big digger boy here along with his cohort dig out the yard hunting for moles and mousies...so far they have gotten at least three, maybe more. And some other critters too... I, Pipo have to wait till fall when the cooler weather comes, then the mousies want to get inside there and I can stick my paws in the vents to try and snag one...whoot!

  2. Wow - that's a sensational effort. And good ole' Iza, always trying to steal someone else's glory!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Way to go Ayla!!! Two mousies!!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Well done Ayla, you are a Mighty Huntress!
    Do you lose interest when you have deaded them? Flynn did and would leave them for Eric to eat while he went off to catch another one.

  5. You asked about my header and I forgot to say earlier. Because the post was about the boys doing their border patrol, Ann of Zoolatry sent me some badges for my sidebar if I wanted to use them. I decided to make a collage of them and include my original header to make a new one. So no, you didn't scroll past too fast, it has only been there since Saturday.

  6. Wow, Ayla! You got mad hunting skills!

  7. Ayla, we are very happy that you caught two mousies. We know Iza was trying to take credit for bringing the one in for extra points, but we know that you did it all by yourself. You were just on a roll that day. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  8. Thanks everykitty and Beings. I love you all! ~ AYLA!

  9. WOWZERS! I don't seem able to catch a mouse these past several years. Not sure why. Goodness knows I am on patrol in the Fall!

  10. Well, Katie, TBT apparently grows them. He has a meadow bed about 20 feets big and a bee garden half that size. The mousies DO like it and so do we...

  11. Good job! You are lucky your Dad is not squeamish. I would be screaching my head off.

  12. WOWEEE! I am so impressed, and so proud of you! But yeah, I guess they aren't so much fun when they don't move anymore.


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