Saturday, September 21, 2019

Caturday Saturday Horrible Day

IZA:  Help!  Dad tried to poison me yesterday.  TWICE!

He squeezed some stuff into my mouth that was SO horrible, So vile, So unbelievably "not food" that I ripped up the vinyl tablecloth, thrashed around, and scratched him.  And I eat insects!

And that was only half of what he wanted me to swallow!  So he got on his knees and shoved my in between and forced THE REST of the stuff into my mouth while cruelly cat-handling me in ways I have never experienced before! 

He must have gone insane.  He finally got my head pressed to the floor for the rest.  I am SURE the tears from his eyes were completely fake.  It was gasoline.  Or maybe mole poison. 

It was SO BAD, he offerred me a couple of the BEST treats and I couldn't even find then from the horrible taste and smell.  I knew they were right under my nosie when I looked but went I bent down to eat them, I couldn't find them. 

Ayla has convinced TBT to get rid of me, I tell you.  He is planning to build a box above my grave (unless you just throws me in the compost bin)!

If I could climb the fence like Ayla can, I would run for my life!

This isn't me, but it was the best I could find while TBT and Ayla were plotting my demise...
Seriously, I spent an hour shaking my head to get rid of it, drinking water, and trying to throw it up. THe stuff is gluish.  Ya know how ya lick yer paw ta wash yer furs?  Well I was using my paw to wipe my tongue!

And I'm sposed ta get another dose of poison 2x a day for 10 days.  Oh Bast...  Will someone please adopt me?  I'm not gonna survive this.

TBT HERE:  Iza just got her first dose of metronizadole for her diarrhea.  A couple of you warned me that the stuff tasted awful, but I really didn't understand how bad it was. And at the same time, I got a call from a pharmacy about her methimazole thyroid ear gel med for the foam vomit and maybe stomach lining problems.  On the phone, those sounded both the same.  So while Iza was pretty much hating me, I also had to talk to the pharmacy and the Vet a few times. 

The pharmacy confirmed the med.  The Vet said "yeah" they do sound the same.  But she had heard that the metronizadole tasted awful (especially the chicken flavor) but she only ordered the flavorless variety.  She suggested I try mixing it in food, especially Gerbers baby food meat varieties.  I happen to have some.

Iza really did go kinna nuts when I tried to syringe the metronizadole.  I sniffed the bottle and it doesn't seem to smell bad to me, but for all I know I tastes like 10 year old rotten cabbage.  I don't plan to taste it...

And part of the problem is that Iza may have been shocked by me holding her tightly and trying to push something into her mouth.  But it was a real struggle.  One person can't handle an upset cat easily; 2 can. 

Iza is a very muscular cat.  She twisted and turned and thrashed.  It brought tears to my eyes to have to hold her so firmly and roughly to force her to accept an oral injection.  There is no possibility of coaxing her into accepting it.  This is likely to be a bad week...


  1. Oh yeah, my human remembers having to give some of this to Sparkle at one point, and apparently it was utterly vile. Sparkle wasn't like Iza, and would let my human force meds on her, but she foamed at the mouth and resented every second of it. I feel for you guys.

  2. I am sorry you have to go through this as it is upsetting for both of you.
    Of course you know you are helping Iza, but nothing will convince her of that.
    Like Sparkle, Flynn would foam at the mouth when he was given it, but he was so good for all treatment.

  3. We're so sorry you both have to go through this ! Purrs and hugs

  4. Mark
    I can imagine your distress. The only thing that I can think of that might help is giving Iza some Rescue Remedy a few minutes before givung her the medication. Rescue Remedy is designed for humans but is safe to give to dogs and cats. I expect that you'd be able to buy it at a pharmacy.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Oh no, how horrible for both of you. I don't quite know what the Dad here would do but he would be working on Plan B, C and D. Purrs to you sweet Iza and to your Dad too.

  6. That is so hard for you, I think somewhere deep down, she knows you love her and are trying to help her. Purrs and prayers and POTP for this treatment to work and all be back to normal again.

  7. Our mom can totally relate. Some cats are so very hard to dose, compounded by horrible tasting meds PLUS only being one person. She has on occasion done exactly what you did with some of us. In fact, she has been known to just pay the ransom the vet charges for administering meds or fluids to cut down on the stress level for both her and us. Sorry you're going through this.

  8. OH no....that sounds awful. I totally understand how difficult it is when you are only one person. It's hard to hold them in the right position AND administer the meds.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Oh, Iza, I do that too, when petcretary tried to put meds that are liquid into my the vet gives her pills, I seem to handle those a lot better than liquids and I do bot foam or struggle too much. Maybe wrapping you in a towel so you can't 'retaliate' might help, when you need to get those meds. Like being in a kitty straight jacket.

    The rescue remedy sounds really good, its made from Bach Flower extracts.
    A Homeopathic remedy. Health food stores almost always have it. Or you can get it from online companies such as

    Hope your scratches are not too awful, careful, you do not want cat scratch fever/infection, those are dangerous.

    Hang in there both of you, and tell the others that maybe someday they miught need a med or not to snicker or plot too much, MOL!

    (( ♥ ))

  10. After I read about Iza's vet visit last week I talked to my vet, as my cat Oscar has had chronic diarrhea and now is beginning kidney failure. I got some of the metronidazole but the vet gave him the dose the first two days as he was staying there to be sure he got his hydration. I saw how much he drooled and glared at me and the tech who gave it to him. I also think that like William's mom we will pay to have him hydrated. I did it once, 25 years ago and think I have lost the strength to do it again.
    We cab only hope that this really helps our kitties. Hopefully Iza won't fight the ear rubs.
    Purrayers and POTP

  11. Our Treasure was super hard to medicate.As soon as mum went to him he would run and would not allow himself to be caught. Those were stressful times. We offer much sympathy.
    If only they could make pet meds taste better.
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  12. I'm so sorry you're both having to go through this :( Iza, it's for your own good though, even though it's horrible.

  13. Oh I had to go thru hell with Admiral but your terrible experience was even worse. Mark...I feel terrible for you both. I know it just killed you to do that. I am so sorry.

  14. Poor Iza. And poor you. I know how guilty I feel when I am medicating Prancie and she doesn't understand it is to help her. Good luck!

  15. As you and Iza discovered, metro tastes terrible. You can get it in pill form which can still taste bad. When I had to give it to one of my cats, I had the pill version and I put it in a empty gelcap (you can buy on Amazon or at a pharmacy) and pilled it. The cat can’t taste it when it’s in a gelcap. Let me know if you want more info about using gelcaps (size, etc.).


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