Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  We haven't done that for a while.  It has been a hard Summer.  We got less than 2" of rain in August and .1" so far this month.  September is usually a rainy month...

We try not to waste water here, but TBT has watered a lot of the flowers and veggies (yuck)  each week.  I learned this thing about drilling a small hole in buckets and setting them near plants he want to save the most.  The water drips out slowly and gets down deep to the roots.  That helps them a lot I guess

So there are some plants doing OK, and I want to show them...  Let's go around and see what we can see.
The Asters are doing well...
This is some kind of weed.  But for a weed, it is pretty impressive.  And the flowers are COVERED with  small waspy incests we think are native and declining, so we aren't going to bother it.
Not everything went well.  The meadow bed completely failed. TBT says he will till it up and try again. 
The Bee/butterfly/hummer bed didn't do too well either.  TBT raked the soil loose in early Spring and spred seeds.  He even put some seedlings in.  They died.   The funny thing is that he accidently spread Niger seeds meant for the goldfinch feeders.  THEY grew!
They have some nice orange flowers.  He may spread some in specific places next year.  Almost anything that grows here is appreciated.
We had a great crop of Pokeberries here this year.  Seriously, TBT is sharpening a sword to hack them down.  Don't ask me where he gets stuff like that.  We don't want the pokeberries though.
We also grew a great crop of thistles.  We don't want them either.  But the pokeberries and thistles are easier to deal with than the wild blackberries, so things are getting better back there.
The Mums are beginning ta bloom.  We have orange, red and yellow.  And one that is red with a yeller center.  He will move them to the flowerbed later.  That tree in the front is a Sourwood.  It gets burgandy leaves and gold small flowers in Fall.   TBT has 2 planted in the back yard, so this one will go in the front yard.
The gold zuchinni have done well and they look great.  Dad mixes them with onions, tomatoes and oregano.  That sounds pretty evil to me,  but iffen ya like vegables, at least they look inneresting.
The small pond is doing well.  Lilies and Sweet Flag.  There are 2 happy goldfish and a bunch of frogs.  
The Autumn Joy Sedum is beginning to color up.  Those things seem to last forever.    Good, Dad needs some plants like that.
This one is new.  It's called Tithonia.  The flower looks a bit weird, all waxy and harsh color.  But it survived when most of the Zinnias and others around it died.  And it self sows, so maybe we will bet more of them next year.   Any flower that comes back on it's own seems good.
A few Purple Coneflowers made it through the hots.   Bugs like them and I like bugs sometimes.  Works for me...
Well, lets go up on the deck.  The air is sort of cool and the deck is warm but not hot from the sun on it earlier.  So what does Ayla have for us today?

Interesting.  "Beyond" Trout and Catfish and poached chicken!  And Niptinis.  An excellent choice, thank you Ayla.  And ooh, she was hiding some turkey crunchies! 

Thank you all from coming along...


  1. I'm glad you got some nice plants and blooms in spite of the dry conditions.

  2. Disappointing that the meadow garden failed. Thanks for the tour - always interesting.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. It has been pretty dry dor us as well, but we mainly have daylilies.
    Your garden looks pretty good considering the lack of water :)
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. That was a good garden tour. Our flowers didn't do as well this year because it was very hot early on. We had a bumper crop of strawberries and tomatoes though.
    That is a good tip about the bucket, thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing the tour of your garden photos. We hope that you get more rainfall soon. That hole in the bucket trick, we are going to try next year for our office garden outback. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  6. Things sure look nice especially considering so my dryness this year!

  7. Mommy was out of circulation due to computer probs. Sorry we missed you.

  8. That's not a bad showing for so little rain!

  9. Wow, that is amazing considering how little rain you got. You shouldn't give up on your natives the first year though. They may come up differently the second and third year. Mine did.

  10. Looks like your yard/garden did pretty well, considering the poor conditions. Ours is OK, unless the locusts and hornworms decide to feast off of the veggies. Our coneflowers did really well, until the past couple of weeks, then they all sort of shriveled from drought and heat. Of course now they are gone it turned cooler and we have torrential rains...and a bazillion mosquitoes with an outbreak of =Eastern Equine Encephalitis. SO over the weekend they are going to spray large area of our state, including where we live with pyrethrins.

    The finches will love the fresh niger!


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