Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I'm relaxicating on the deck.  I know it looks a bit uncomfortable.
 But how often do ya get the chance to warm on a black carpet AND get yer head warmed on a metal?
TBT was trying to see which stayed cooler in sunlight, the black rug, the deck, or the metal.
There wasn't much difference, and I liked the warms...
Besides, I think the sundial will tell me when it is dinnertimes.  It will ring or something, right?

And Iza has something to ya...
IZA:  Well my pudding poops didn't end after 10 days of metronadaizole.  I learned ta accept it in my food.  Ya gotta eat, right?  And there isnt much I wont eat.  And the thyroid ear gel med arrived today.  That doesn't sound too bad.

I mean, the stuff will soak in, right?  Like the stuff Dad uses when the mosquitos bite him.  I hope...

Seriously, better he can cream my ears than mess up my food or squeeze stuff into my mouf.

But I'm not letting him take pictures of that.  Maybe next week...


  1. Paws crossed that the thyroid meds work for you, Iza!

  2. Sorry to hear you still have pudding poops, Iza, but hopefully the ear gel will work well for you.
    Ayla, that was good of you to help your dad find which keeps the coolest in the sun. You look the coolest to me.

  3. You look very cute sweet Ayla. Dang Iza, we were sure hoping things would have cleared up sweetie.

  4. Thanks for the update Iza.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. The sundial says it's always time for head scratches and purrs!

  6. Ayla, we bet your head is really warm. :)

  7. Mum doesn't do experiments anymore.

  8. We send you tons of healing purrs, Iza, and we hope it works for you. Purrs

  9. Oh, those pudding poopies. Shucks.

    Hope the thyroid meds work well for you. It will be like extra cuddle time when that goes on your ear(s).

  10. That sundial is a great way to warm up your head, Ayla...we have one of those too, but ours is square. Cause petcretary is square, MOL, MOL!

    Grow old with me; The best is yet to be...I think that is on your sundial, just like ours:)


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