Monday, October 28, 2019

Mancat Monday


Dad caught me mid yawn.   And it was GOOD!  I got fangs...  Better than I even thought I had.  Last thing some mousies ever see.
But I dont wanna overdo it.  Dad thinks I am a lovey sweet boycat.  Well, I am around HIM of course.  But he doesnt know what Im like OUTSIDE...
Best he not know.  
Im the sweet boy inside...


  1. Yes, Marley, best not show those fangs too much, esp this week with the spooky days ahead, MOL! Y
    You are a sweetie and you are a kitty who hunts. Hey what's wrong with that?!

  2. We agree Marley.
    It is best humans not know everything about us ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  3. We kitties always have to protect our humans from certain aspects of ourselves.

  4. You're very thoughtful, Marley. I agree that it might upset TBT if he knew what you were like when those fangs were put into action.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. You are always sweet :) XO

  6. Best to spare your Dad that side of your character, be the sweet Marley boy we all adore, cuz I don't want to know about that mousie stuff either - MOL!

  7. You are a sweet guy Marley, no matter what the mice say!

  8. Lion on the outside, lamb on the inside!

  9. Our wild side could upset our humans, better be the sweet kitty they love when they're around ! Purrs

  10. Wow! That is a furry impressive set of fangs, Marley!
    But you're right, of course. There are some Secrets that humans need to be purrtected from...

  11. That is a good set of fangs, Marley! Your dad understands. Those mousies would laugh at you if you were that sweet boycat when you are outdoors.


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