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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Snoozy Tuesday

IZA:  I wasn't paying much attention ta this chair untir Dad put the bloo cloth on the seat.  Then I went right up.  I KNOW when something makes me look good!
Sometimes I pull it around a bit.  Ya know what he does?  He comes over and offers ta straitens it out.  He knows I want ta good my best even while sleepin.  
But this time I opened an eye and said to leave it.  I had JUST the right fold unner my cheek fer comfy.
He is always agreeable.  So I went back ta sleep.
Stayed there 6 hours.  Well, I'd had a busy day...  Followed him around the yard for a while.  Chased an Evil Skwerl.  Joined Marley in catchin a couple mousies.  Sat on Dads lap awake for scritchies.  I needed ta sleep.

That confuses Dad sometimes.  I'll be purring away and suddenly get up and hop to the chair ta nap.  Its an instinct thing.  A part of my brain suddenly says "go sleep".  I always obey my brain...


  1. It sounds like you got a really good rest after a productive day, Iza!

  2. 6 hours? Boy that was a long sleep.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. What a cozy place for a nap. We love that TBT looks out for you so well too Iza :)
    You also know how to look after yourself too ;)
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Iza you look especially lovely here ... sleepy eyes closed, or slightly open. Lovely photos TBT captured!

  5. You do look extra pretty in blue.

  6. That's a good spot for a nap ! It looks like you had a busy day ! Purrs

  7. That looks totally comfy and you should always nap when you need to!

  8. I weill say that your family, you all and your dad are as well matched and suited as I am in our family, with mom. We are so fortunate.

  9. Six hours was a very long sleep. I wish I could sleep that long!


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