Sunday, November 24, 2019

Another Round Number

TBT here:  I didn't notice it at the time, but we passed 4,500 posts earlier this month.  I can hardly imagine it...  After the first few back in 2006, I wasn't sure if I could post for more than a month.  What could I possibly have to say after a month, after all?

I did a quick calculation, and it seems the cats were good for an average of 28 posts per month (and that includes "vacations from the computer").  I never had a goal of posting everday.  I'm not that disciplined.  But I guess I've double-posted enough times to make up for the days when inspiration didn't strike (or the next hardly existed due to playing games all night and sleeping away the next day), LOL!

I credit the cats for being so unrelentingly interesting and friendly and actually rather camera-tolerant (even of the flashy).  I fully admit I don't understand the attraction of some other pets.  What do people post about like, lizards?   "Got up this morning.  Its still green.  Ate the grasshopper I tossed in the cage".

But I also credit all of you who read the blog.  Commenters and  Lurkers both.  I wouldn't have kept it up without people reading.  I love the comments, I know you.  But I also love the Lurkers.  There are some readers who have visited the blog over 500 times and I have no idea who they are.  Mysteries are neat!

And, no, this isn't a sign-off..

I'm just thinking back to when I first clicked on a button that said "Free Blog" and gave it a try.  I had been a Lurker on a couple cat blogs for 2 years, had been retired for 6 months, had grown tired of a couple of discussion boards that I didn't fit well with any more, was missing the ability to be creative (I liked my job but suddenly realized that I was working for half-pay given the annuity and eliminating commuting costs AND I was becoming technologically outdated, was tired of solving the same problems every day, and just wanted to stop having to get up a 5 am each morning).

The cat blog saved my mind.  No one truly knows what a cat thinks.  I bought a cheap digital camera.  That made a difference!  I could look at the free pictures and recall what was going on at the time.  I could finally imagine what THEY might be thinking.  I considered how THEY might view ME. 

That helped me understand cats better than I ever had before.  Blog or no blog, that would have been an enlightening experience.  But when I retired, I was the last person to leave the office.  I locked the door, carried my box of personal stuff to the car, and drove home. 

When I arrived, I looked a Skeeter and LC and said "Well, guys, I'm home forever".  "Forever Home" works for people too.  Skeeter and LC were both elderly, but their days became better.  They got outside more, they responded to my presence, they gained weight, we slept on the bed together more.

I regret they had only a couple of years that way.  But Ayla came and they all got along.  Skeeter lingered, struggling because I didn't have experience with old cats.  LC left overnight. 

I am not one to stay without cats.  Iza followed immediately after LC left.  Marley a year later.  When one door closes, another opens.

I'm rambling...

Wish us a Happy 4500 Posts...


  1. 4500 posts is a real milestone! And you've had such an interesting journey with this blog, and with all the cats you've shared your life with. I love that yours is one of the blogs I regularly visit.

  2. Congratulations on 4,500 posts, that is a real milestone!
    We started blogging around the same time but I didn't find your blog for a while. I am very glad that I did.
    I always read your posts, and if we have been on holiday or a short break, yours is one of the few that I try to catch up on the missed posts.

    We blogged daily when both boys were still here then went to 2-3 times a week after Eric left us, and now once a week in their memory.
    I have no idea how many posts we have done, maybe half of your great achievement. I am just going to pop over and look at Blogger right back. Back! The total of the original blog and the current one is 2,644.
    That is more than I expected.
    I was going to say more but now I am starting to ramble!

  3. Summer, you and Sparkle have been a real highlight of my life. You do things The Mews will not. Like dressing up in costumes, posing, and being comfortable out in public around strangers. You are the life we can only imagine in amazement.

    Jackie (if I may use your name and not just "Memories Of"). I am glad you found my blog and that I found yours. When Skeeter came into my life in 1992, I discovered a weakness/love for orange/white cats. I followed Eric and Flynn with joy for years. Your place was even better for cats than mine and I enjoyed their wide-ranging adventures so very very much. Sometimes, when I am missing Skeeter, seeing your Memories reminds me how special orange/white mancats are.

  4. Congratulations TBT and all the cats involved on a sensational achievement. It IS a bit hard to believe, isn't it, that cats could still find something to talk about 4499 posts after your first one. And I think people wonder if I'm even crazier than you: I understand that cat bloggers visit other cat blogs to contribute to the cat blogging community, but I don't own a cat and I don't have a blog. I'm just a bein who enjoys reading a small number of cat blogs. When I tell people about it, they look at me and, I'm sure, wonder what on earth is wrong with me. They ask what the interest is - after all, to them a cat blog is just a a one hit wonder. Yes, it's amusing to imagine what a cat might really be thinking, but surely the humour pales after a few posts. So, when I tell them that some cats have been blogging for a decade or more and that I make sure that I visit everyday I think they might be close to suggesting that I should get out more! LOL

    I hope you and the mews continue to blog for many more years to come TBT.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Thank you Megan... Cats DO have things to say after years. Just now, Iza was asking if I had enough pictures of her. I have dozens, and I showed her, but she likes to make sure. She thinks that I think that she thinks she doesn't get enough blog time as if she would vanish if she didn't. Silly girl, she nearly OWNS the blog.

    It's Marley and Ayla I have to work at with pictures and blog time... Ayla is so shy, and Marley (bless his heart) doesn't seem to care.

    On another site, there was a cat-picture thread. I controlled myself, but it wasn't easy. I mean, SOME of those people like OTHER STUFF. Hard to belief...

  6. Concatulations on those 4500 posts!!! Many potential posts for you with all your fur kids. Since it's just me now, we are lucky to get two posts out a week now.

  7. Happy 4500 from all of us, it's been quite a magical journey for you all.

  8. Concatulations on your 4500 posts ! We have learned a lot about cats from reading all the blogs we do, and have vicariously enjoyed a lot more kitties than it would be practical for us personally !

  9. Oh I love to see you have that many posts. I don't know what my girls have. Admiral started in 2008 I think it was...and Katie in 2012 January. Smiled at the lizard blog you showed for an example. Yupper!

    Happy 4500! Keep on a-goin'!


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