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Monday, November 04, 2019


AYLA, IZA, AND MARLEY:  We wont be around forever.  The world is not likely to get a whole lot worse while we are here.  But we probably have siblings somewhere and they may have kittens and they might in turn.  So we are thinking of what kind of world those future generations of us cats might have to live in.

We want it to be a good one...

TBT:  I'm going to be 70 next year.  I have no children.  The world probably won't fall completely apart in the remaining years of my life and lineage.  If we totally screw the planet up, I don't expect I'll be around to suffer.

But that doesn't mean I have no relatives sending their offspring into the world for at least a few generations.  I care about my nieces and nephew.  They deserve a world and a good life too.

More importantly,  I have to say that, while I haven't participated in the generational game of passing along genes so as to care for individuals, I care very much about the future of humanity as a whole.  I want us to survive, thrive, and spread...

We won't escape the limitations of one planet if we ruin it before we can get "out there"...


  1. We must always try to be the best stewards we can be of our all that dwell thereon.

  2. I don't think humans have done a very good job of stewardship for quite a long while now! And my human worries about it all the time.

  3. Great message!
    This planet has been good to us and humans have not returned the favour.
    We purr there will be a real effort to save our planet.

    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  4. Lovely picture and words.
    There are too many who don't appreciate what we have and don't care that it is being destroyed.

  5. We can't pluck a "for sale" sign in Mother Earth ... and think to relocate somewhere else when her foundation is torn up, her walls are tumbling down and her roof is no more!
    If we don't repair her now and work hard to restore and renovate her ... she won't be a good home for anyone, any human, any species ...

  6. I just wish everyone would do a little.

  7. Great message. We all need to do what we can.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Beautiful message for today. Purrs

  9. Wonderful heartfelt post. If we all did one small thing a day, we could be the change.

  10. What an important message. We need to do more to save our earth...after all, it’s the only one we have.

  11. Wow, this is a terrific message for today and going forward! I hope that we can protect our Earth!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

  12. This makes me want to go to the beach this very minute.
    Thank you for reminding us to care about our home and each other.

    Peace to you and yours,


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