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Friday, November 15, 2019

Flashback Friday

Today's flashback is of LC when she was a kitten...
I am presenting it not for this date in the past as I usually do with flashbacks, but because I was in Petsmart a few days ago and saw her twin.  Up for adoption.  An adult cat wanting a home...

And then I saw her kitten twin in the next cage playing wildly with a rattle ball.  Wanting a home.  I wanted to take them both home.

I didn't.  When I adopted Marley, he brought peace between Ayla and Iza.  I am reluctant to take the chance of disturbing the peace.  And I know how many cats I can properly take care of.  I know what my litterbox maintenance abilities are, etc...

I admire those who can care for more, but I think my limit is 3.  I had more cats once and struggled with them, finally having to find good homes for half of them.  And that was hard to do, letting a few go elsewhere to care better for the others.

But it sure was hard to walk away from both of those sweet black/white ones at Petsmart.  They both pulled at my heart...

So I guess I post today thinking of both those cats.  The adult who put her paw on the glass looking at me.  The kitten playing with her one toy...  I could imagine the adult asking "Are you the one who will take me away to a forever home".  And the kitten saying "See how playful I am, can I be in your home"?

It was SO hard to leave the store...


  1. My human totally gets it - three cats is her limit too, and at the moment she is perfectly happy with just two.

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  3. It would be hard to walk away, but you can only do what you can do.
    It is important to know your limits.

    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  4. Yes, it's touch, but the peace is most important and we totally understand.

  5. It is very hard and you would have given them a wonderful home, but you can't risk disturbing the peace. Ala, Iza and Marley must always come first.

  6. I know that pull, that want to take the precious little ones and give them all your love and care.

  7. I often feel I am in over my head with 12 now that they are older and need meds. I want those 2 now, I feel bad for them.
    How did you get the blog back from Iza? :)

  8. Oh our HuMom knows so well what you mean ! "When I'm not near the cats I love/ I love the cats I'm near !"

  9. Black and white cats are the absolute best, TBT. But, I feel that you did the right thing in leaving those two behind for someone else to fall in love with.

    Sydney, Australia


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