Friday, November 29, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  This is not a usual flashback.  It was this week in 2011.  I was unhappy.  TBT dragged me to a strange house with lots of strangers.  He thought I was SO laid-back, I would enjoy it.  I dint.  Laid-back at home is not laid-back away.
There was a womancat who lived there and SHE was not happy I was there.  
I stayed quiet and peaceful.
She hissed.  Its not like I WANTED to invade her space.  TBT brought me there.
It was worse when he pulled me out of the PTU.  Quite frankly, I would have stayed there...  But we met.
I hid as best I could.
She even glared at TBT.  I think she knew he brought me.
But even a stranger kitty like me gets to claim a corner...
She accepted that.  I mean, fer all SHE new, I might be a new brofur!
Though she wasnt thrilled.
It was an uneasy situation.
The Beins all had a grand time eating.  I was offerred some, but I dint wanna upset the womancat by eating food in her home.
She got some turkey though. Well, it WAS her home.
 Pictures were taken all around me.
And the smells were pawesome.  Turkey, shrimps, gravy...
Just LOOK at all that stuff!
I sure did.  TBT tried ta get me ta eat.  But you dont do that when you're hiding.
And especially not when yer bein watched!   Lucy had some SERIOUS lasers.
I was glad ta get home.

THEN I ate!  We ALL did.  TBT brought home good stuff.


  1. TBT really did think that you might enjoy yourself Marley. But you showed him that he was wrong.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I remember when you met Lucy and it didn't work out as planned. At least you all got good noms when you got back home.

  3. Yeah, kitties don't like their homes invaded by other kitties. I don't blame you for being uncomfortable, Marley! I'm used to cat shows, where there are other cats, but none of them can call those show halls home! And when I do go other places, there aren't other kitties living there, so there's no tension. I'm glad you all eventually got treats from dinner, though!

  4. Visiting isnt all it's cracked up to be, even some of us humans dont do well visiting! Glad ya got some good stuff at home though!

  5. Yep, I do remember when you went for a visit, but you got to come home so that's the best part!

  6. Marley, you certainly knew how to be polite and quiet when you went visiting.I wonder why TBT thought you would enjoy that ?

  7. Oh Marley - we went back and read all about your Thanksgiving trip to visit Lucy-fur so we now know why TBT took you for a visit. But you sure were a good boy (and didn't even get to bring your evil skwerl toy home !) And then when Ayla was so angry at you ! Gosh ! We sure are glad TBT figured out how to get things back to normal ! It was a long time ago now - have you ever seen Lucy again ? Purrs for a peaceful weekend !

  8. That was a nice flashback.

  9. I enjoyed the flash back but I was sad to see you hiding. XXX


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