Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

THE MEWS:  May your days be filled with food, treats, naps, warmth, toys, and (for us cats who can go outside) mousies, and birdies that dead themselves on the deck door).  May your days and nights be filled with love and care and companionship.

But food is easier to show...

Does THAT look like food security or what?  We have more days of food than TBT!

TBT:  How ya gonna open them?

THE MEWS:  We dint say you wouldn't be here ta open them...  We'll share... 


  1. Now that TBT has stocked up big on cat food, you know what you three have to do, don't you? Declare loud and long that you no longer like that brand and you want something else.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Nope! We LOVE the foods TBT brings us. Rabbit, Chicken, Tuna, Turkey, Beef, Venison, and Salmon... Besides, he can be very firm. If we don't eat it, it sits. And if he worries it make have gotten old, he provides more of THAT ONE.

    You can't beat some Beins sometimes...

  3. That is a good lot of food!
    Happy New Year to all of you and Mark.

  4. Oh Mews and Dad...Happy New Year, truly! ALL of you stay well, energetic and strive to be happy and grateful. XX

  5. That's a very nice food pantry, y'all are all set. Happy New Years Eve!!!

  6. You guys aren’t gonna starve in the new year! Happy 2020!

  7. I am glad TBT has your food well stocked. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020!


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