Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mildly Medical Wensday

IZA:  Dad makes stuff.  And sometimes for us.  I've been taking a thyroid med gel rubbed in my ears, and I wasn't happy.  So he said he would make a special thing for my med because "I am a special kitty".
Who doesn't wanna be a special kitty"?

It holds the gel stick.  And it is for ME!
That proves I am a special kitty, right?  I mean, evry time I look at it, I know I'm special cuz he MADE that holder thing just fer me.

But I got dragged ta the V-E-T again today. and will post about it tomorrow.  Dad and I want to make sure we get it all right.  Don't worry, I'm not goin anywhere soon, but its not great news...


  1. You are a special girl. Your Dad is very creative.

  2. What a nice thing for TBT to do for you.

  3. Disappointing to hear that you were back at the v-e-t today. The good thing is that it seems as though your new v-e-t is actually tracking down some of your medical problems and helping TBT do something about them so you'll feel a whole lot better.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. TBT takes very good care of you, Iza.

  5. Of course you are special, Iza. I am sorry that you have some not so good news, but I know your dad and the vet will do their very best for you to feel good.

  6. MOm had to do that for Admiral as well. IT works great for us.

  7. Let's hope the vet can help. (I was told that 'sometimes' they actually do stuff to make us better - me I'm not so sure)



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