Thursday, December 26, 2019

Secret Paw

IZA:  Our Chissymouse timing was a bit bad this year.  We all slept late Chrissymouse day and felt SO lazy we dint pay much attention to it.  And Dad has been fussing with a new puter and the little workers in the big box aren't workin.  Then this morning, when we were bright-eyed and ready to go, the flashy-box died and Dad had ta feed it through the wall.  And Dad had ta go hunt fruits and veggies and a chicken.  So by the time we all ate, it was dark.  So we were actually "late for Chrissymouse". 

But here we go...

Our Secret Paw is Valentine of Noir Kitty Mews.   And what a good Secret Paw he was!    We got the box a week ago, Dad hid it.
It was FULL of stuff.
I checked it out immediately...
The first thing out was a big ball of cloth.  Box padding maybe?
Ohh, there are kitties on it.  It must be something for US!
WOW!  Its a giant mat.  Look how biggly it is...
 Here's a nose-down view of the kitties...
Bast, I could roll on this for days!
All mine, Bwa-Ha-Ha.  What Dad?  But I found it first!  Oh allright...
ACK!  You CAN fall off the edge.
And then there was all the OTHER STUFF!  Some even wrapped (Oh Noes, I just realized we forgot to wrap our own Secret Paw stuff).  
 Dad set the foods and the kitty-crack aside so we would pay attention to the wrapped stuffs...  Marley heard the crinkling and came out to inverstigate.  He really liked the kitties on the papers "Ohh that white one is a cutie".
But he did some serious sniffin...
And found the crunchies.  He is cukkoo fer crunchies.
So Dad opened something and gave us each a few.  I went right back to the pile.  I mean, there is UNOPENED stuff.  BTW, Ayla is being a pill today and keeping to herself in the bedroom.  
I'm sniffin something unusual at the corner of this package.  It smells like Toy...
Dad, come and open this NOW!   YES, NOW!  "Open... Now".

I never learn.  He is nearly unbiddable.  I know, I know, "Firm Voice, Brief Sound Gap, Short Words".  But he pays no attention to even basic commands when he's not in the mood.
He thinks he's so funny sometimes.  He opened all the OTHERS, singing that "Anticipation" song from the ketchup commercial...
Finally!  And I was right.  But a weerd one!  Its a SnakeSharkCat and it has a mouse in its jaws...
I WANT that mouse Mr SnakeSharkCat!
Hmmm, he has a good grip on it.  It may take months ta get that mouse loose.  I'll have ta KICK a lot.  And then I'll eat HIM too.  I want him to live a bit knowing I took his mouse!
What next?  Well, I'm being careful of that  round knit thing.  It looks suspiciously like a collar, and we all KNOW what Beins do with those.  I BET whicheve one of us carries it around first has ta wear it.  OOH!  I gotta plan, hehe.  I'll tell Dad that since Ayla "missed out" on the unwrapping she "gets" ta wear it.
Meanwhile, there is crinkly paper ta play with too.
I'll just grab some and run off with it...
MARLEY:  Now that Iza is gone (she is SO possessive) I can look at the goodies in peace.  Oh wow such neat stuff!  Ans Dad dumped all the good-smellies and drugs down so I could sniff them.  He gave me some of the Nip, but says we will have a Silverine Party New Years Eve.  OK, that's only um "one littlle piggy, two little piggies...", FIVE nights from now. 
I'm NOT touching tht collar!  I heard what Iza said and she's probly right.   If Dad asks, I'm tellin him it is more "girlcat" size.  Yeah, that should werk...
So that was a great Secret Paw package and we are all thrilled.  Cuz we are posting this kinna late today and it deserves more on-air time, we are also gonna make this our post tomorrow.


  1. That was a fabulous box of gifts for Valentine to send you!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Valentine is a great Secret Paws, that's pawsome stuff ! Those are fabulous gifts ! Purrs

  3. Wow, you got some pawsome stuff!

  4. Wow, you got SO many awesome gifts from Val!

  5. You sure got lots and lots of goodies but that mat is super impressive!

  6. yoW! you kitties got some wonderful pressies from your secret paw. we like the big mat. enjoy!

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  7. What fantastic Secret Paws presents!

  8. Wowza! That is a lot of fun stuff, enjoy sweeties! Technical issues are such a pain, we're sending sympathy to your Dad.

  9. Valentine chose lots of great gifts for all of you. I want to know if anyone had to wear the collar yet!

  10. That's a pawsome Secret Paw package!!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Oh MEWS! That was so exciting. If you have a pawty, may I come to it?

  12. Wow! Valentine sent you a lot of cool stuff! You’re gonna have fun for quite awhile.

  13. To post at Secret Paws check up at the top of Blogger. Where your blog name is you should see a drop down that has Secret Paws 2018. That is the right one

  14. PS loved all your great goodies

  15. You all scored! Valentine did a wonderful job as Secret Santa. That blankie is big enough for all 3 of you. :)


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