Thursday, January 31, 2019

TV Chair

IZA:   TBT bought a new chair for watching the TV.  HE DINT LIKE IT,  but I did.  I curled right up on it.
Well, what kitty wouldnt check out a new spot to nap on?
I gave it my full approval...
And then TBT made it better!  He added a cat mat.  
Mebbe HE doesnt like it, but *I* sure do!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  There has been this cat bed sitting around the house for longer than Ive been here; mebbe Skeeter or LC used ta sleep in it.  TBT moves it around sometimes, but none of us sleep in it.  Well, after TBT moved the bedroom stuff around, he had this old wooden box sitting in the far corner and tossed the bed on it ta get it off the floor so he could use the sucky machine.

Now, ya have ta realize that the bedroom is sort of MY purrsonal territory during the day (it is everyones at night).  And I'm allus looking fer new places ta nap in the daytime.

So I gave the bed a sniff and curled up.  Its actally rather comfy...
Apparently, it was "The Right Spot" fer it, finally.
I enjoyed it...
So guess who decided that if it was good enough fer ME, SHE had ta give it a try?  
I'm sure she slept there that night just because SHE noticed *I* liked it!  I DO admit she fills it properly though...
But I havent curled up in it since then!!!  And neither has she. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ice Cream!

IZA:  TBT hunted up some ice cream a few months ago.  He almost never gets anny but he did.  And then a bit dropped on the floor and I licked it.

WOW!   I loved it...  So when TBT got some more a few days ago, he put a tiny bit on the placemat where he eats.
Marley was NOT thrilled.  I walked right OVER him to get at it.  He complained but I ignored him.  I mean, it was ICE CREAM!
So, is this stuff OK fer me ta eat?  It is straight vanilla...

Monday, January 28, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:   Oh, Hi...  I'm just gettin up.  I like ta sleep in my cave most nights.  But I'm so happy ta see TBT get up that I hop right out.

In fact, I get up so fast he cant hardly get a picture of me IN my cave.  This about the fastest his camera will react, MOL!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Gone Today

TBT is doing a lot of strange stuff on the 'puter and is is gonna take all day, he says, so we're sort of off.  He needs a new wire too. 

Silly Saturday

Some pics before they get TOO OLD!  Xmas...
Mostly just ta show Ayla and Iza looking sweet around the small fake tree...
And some of the cards...
And, well, them.  Marley never got near the tree, LOL!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  This week, in 2010, I was hiding from Iza.  She was bigger than me. 
I had this great hidey-hole unner the kitchen cabinets where TBT cut a hole to let the vent send warms into the air.  It was really nice in there.  And I had some toys stached to pass the time.
Good place ta nap too.
After she went off ta the bedroom ta nap, I came out.
It wasn't the best times for me, but it did get better. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thankful Thursday 13

All:  We are thankful for...

1.  Food to please our tummies.
2.  Shelter against the cold and rain and snow.
3.  Warmth when we come in from outside.
4.  Toys that keep us "chasey".
5.  Mystery boxes and eggs with treats to discover.
6.  TBTs love.
7.  His warm secure Lap.
8.  His Magic Fingers.
9.  Many places to nap.
10.  The high fence that keeps us safe when outside.
11.  Each other.
12.  Mousies and voles and moles to snack on outside.
13.  Birdies to watch at the feeder.

And having so many friends who visit us and read about us and care about us...

And things we dint think of...

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  Two slight angles... 
Hey, dont I sleep bootifully?  

TBT says I am the "a pit o me" at sleeping sweetly...  I don't unnerstand that one, but who cares? 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Gotcha Day

MARLEY:  Today is my 8th Gotcha Day.  Wow, it doesnt seem that long!  Here is me arriving my first day here...

HaHa - "gotcha" that was Skeeter.  My first picture here was really this one ...

I was pretty unsure what was going on.  I mean, I dont really remember Mom, I ended up in a shelter with lots of other unhappy kitties and cats, some people took me away from there, but that was ta give me to a Nice Lady for Chrissymouse.

It was a very nice place and she was very kind, but she turned out ta be allergic ta kitties, so she advertised about finding me a better place.  And she found a family that wanted me, but then TBT learned about me from a blog-friend.  And he said he wanted me more than the family and had a better place and I was EXACTLY the cat he needed.

And she eventually agreed.  So he brought me to my Forever Place.  I sure went through a few places before I got here...  I stayed in a room here a few days wondering if that was all the Home I was going to get.  The new Being came in and sat with me many times during the first couple days.  I knew there were other cats in the larger space and worried about that.

But Hugo The Travelling Hippo was there to keep me company too, so that was good.

I got let out in short times the next couple of days when the Other Cats were outside.  Meanwhile, the Being sat with me after stroking the other 2 cats in the house so I could get used to their smells (2 girlcats, I could tell).  Then he carried me around the house so I could see the Other Cats (but safely in his arms).  Finally, I was allowed out of my temporary room while the Being watched us all carefully.

I got hissed at a couple times, but eventually I got sniffed and accepted.  I had a knack even then of getting along (ya learn stuff at a shelter sometimes)...

I learned from them that the Bein was called "The Big Thing".  The smaller but older one was called 'Ayla' and the larger but younger one was 'Iza', and TBT told me I was keeping my previous Lady's name 'Marley' (because it was "just right").  I learned later that iffen TBT hadnt liked the name the Nice Lady gave me, I would have been named 'Jondalar', some Bein where Ayla and Iza got THEIR names.  I like 'Marley' better.  Shorter...

TBT showed me where the food bowls were, where the litterboxes were, and he held me up so I could see outside (and that I would be able ta go "out" when the weather was warm.  That seemed odd, I had never been "out" before (it turned out ta be a great thing, later).

Ayla was real nice to me.  Iza was a bit unhappy, but I purred a lot and she got used ta me.  TBT explained ta me that I was here ta share the space in love and companionship and I dint have a "job", but I had some "responsibilities" like keep Ayla and Iza peaceable, catch any mousies that got in the house, make sure I used the litterboxes, and not claw up the furniture.

That sounded pretty good.  I was already REALLY happy ta be here,  I'm really peaceable, and clean, and there were great places ta scratch on designed for kitties.

And annyway, TBT has magic fingers...

Best thing what ever happened ta me, getting brought here!  So this day allus means a lot.

Here is a another picture of me in the original small room.  I still like that cave, but I fill it up lots more these days, MOL!

I still like it there, too.
Here I am getting up in the morning when Im sure TBT is really UP for the day...


Monday, January 21, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  When TBT is going in and out of the bedroom, a REALLY good place ta get attention is right inside the doorway.   Though one must be careful not ta get stepped on when he is carrying things like the laundry basket that he cant see under...

And notice that I am suttley suubley quietly bringing his attention to the fact that the carpet needs the sucky machine.  That most of the stuff gets into the room from between our toesies from outside is not our concern, of course.
So I also spend some time off the floor in the TV room.  It IS a bit safer!
Though I must say that The Cats Who Came Before really trained him well.  When he is carrying stuff that blocks his sight, he shuffles his feet along carefully.  And he seems to have developed catdar (the ability to detect the presence of a cat when not actually seeing it).

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

ALL:  We are all sitting around The Food Place.  Yes, TBT, we know we just got fed First Breakfast! 
We're still hungry.
You slept late!
So we want MORE, NOW...
Notice the empty bowls!
TBT:  Please forgive me you Poor Starving Kitties...  Your wish is as a command to me.  Will Rabbit Pate suit you?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Caturday Saturday

IZA:   I was just sitting around on one of the many Nice Bloo Towels we have around the house and watchin TBT do odd stuff when he suddenly took a good picture of me on it.  So I chose it for today.
BTW, when I say TBT was doing odd stuff, I mean that half the time I really have no idea what he is doing.  But it seems to keep him busy, so I guess it is harmless enough.  Eventually, he will get tired of being odd and sit down and I will go and nap on his lap...

Friday, January 18, 2019

Snowy Day, Part 3

MARLEY:  I went out the next morning after Second Breakfast and saw some birdies.  The surprise was that Ayla came out ta look around.  She almost never comes out in weerd weather.  But as ya can see, the path was completely dry, so that is probly why.
I wanted ta get to bare ground in the yard.  I could see there was some by looking over the edge of the deck.

I like ta do my business  outside sometimes, ya know?  The litter boxes were all clean and all, but real dirt is comforting.  And it isnt just me, Iza is the same way.
So I went to the stairs, where I got surprised again.  They were NOT shoveled, which made things awkward.  And ya see what I mean by Iza having the same thoughts.  There she is waiting ta see how I get down.
TBT had shoveled the stairs the first day, but as I mentioned in the earlier post, it did snow again, and TBT hadn't shoveled the stairs a 2nd time.  So, I tried walking on the skinny edge...
THAT dint werk!  And, in fact, what ya see is me trying ta walk backwards.  Not something we kitties are good at.  When ya cant see where yer paws are going, it makes ya nervous.  Well, ME annyway.
I ended up with one paw deep in the snow and (not that a mancat like me would panic), but I decided to suddenly turn and jump running for the house shaking my snowy paw all the way.  Iza ran too.

I sure hope it all goes away soon, but TBT is not too sure.  An he knows stuff.  I mean, he licked a finger and stuck it up in the air and said it was gonna get really cold again soon, so the snow might last a while.

And then that night, we heard the TV weather guessers say it was gonna get even colder for a few days.  He knew!  How does he do that?

He did promise to push the snow off the stairs tomorrow so we can get down to the bare dirt unner the deck.  Which will be nice. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snowy Day, Part 2

The snow lasted longer than the weather-guessers said, so there was more the next morning.  TBT did a quick test to see if there was ice.  There wasnt, but he was wearing indoor shoes so he went to change them.  Meanwhile Iza stepped out ta look around.
She ran back in.  When TBT came back with bigger shoes, he opened the door again and I looked out.  Nope!  I'm not going out in that...
But he shoveled it again and it dried pretty fast.  Appaently, when it is warmish, is goes away fast.   After First Lunch, it was actually sort of dry.  So I went out to have a better look at the stuff.  I sort of remember it.  Something between water and ice cream...
I even got out to the end.  
But there wasn't much ta see.  Just more of it covering the yard.   I headed back to the house.
But then I noticed TBT had made a small path to where there wasnt anny snow near the house.  So I checked it out.  It led to where there were leafs, but they were wet and didnt make any noise to alert mousies, so I didnt mind.
But I found a surprise at the end of the unsnowy area.  More about that tomorrow...