Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Even More Nappin

AYLA:  Nappin on another rainy day...  Iza and I on our "together" chairs
Me, later, hopping down from the shoe rack towel to greet TBT...
Marley in his favrit spot on the really 0ld Platform Tree TBT built  before he hunted us some fancy ones.  But Marley loves the old one. 
He greets TBT there every morning.  Usually with happy paws outstretched, but not this time.  Hes thinking more of First Breakfast.
I was back on the shoe rack towel after First Breakfast.
 Its hard ta beat this spot for comfort AND safety.
Marley went for the minor heaty mat...
Typical rainy day. 

Oh, there was toy toss and such too...